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Creating an Online Action

1. In your dashboard, select New Event then select Online action.

2. Set Visibility to 'Public' if you'd like your event to appear on your organization's feed, or 'Private' to make the event accessible to only those with the direct link to it.

3. Write a description of your online action in Action details! You can use Markdown to format.

* Note: This is a great place to be clear with your supporters on what the call to action is and what they will be doing. You can include a call script, talking points, recommended draft email, etc.

4. Write an optional personal message that only people who have clicked on your Online Action button will see, and add a photo!

5. Decide whether you want to show the total number of supporters who have taken action on the public signup page, or set a custom goal for the number of supporters, in the Supporter count section. If you don't set your own goal, Mobilize will automatically increase the goal as more people participate!

6. Configure the automated notifications that will be sent to your supporters before and after they complete the online action.

7. Set the behavior of your Action Button (what happens when supporters click the signup button). You can have supporters redirected to an external site, dial a phone call, start drafting an email, or be prompted to share content to social media.

Example 1: Link to an external site

  • Automatically redirects supporters to another website after they click to take action

  • Recommended for any action that has to be completed on a different website (for example checking your voter registration or joining a textbanking workflow)

Example 2: Make a phone call

  • Direct volunteers to make a call! Enter the target’s number and your supporters will be directly connected to them.

  • Recommended for call actions that are directed at a single individual. For "patch-through" call actions that allow the user to look up their representative, use our Phone2Action integration.

  • Make sure to double check that you've entered the right number.

* Note: You should be sure your supporters use this action from their phone, as they will be automatically connected to the target's phone number. Additionally, be sure to utilize the event description and/or the "how to prepare" section to share your talking points and instructions for this call.

Example 3: Draft an email

  • Allows supporters to start a draft of an email to the recipients of your choice, in their preferred email composing app, after they click to take action.

  • Enter your target email(s) separated by commas, and your supporters will be directed to their email composing tool, with the "to:" field automatically filled out.

* Note: When using this functionality, be sure to provide instructions in the event description and/or the "how to prepare" section to share with your volunteers the general content or talking points they should be using for this email.

8. Choose the times that supporters can complete the online action

8a. If you'd like for your supporters to be able to complete your Online Action event at anytime between two dates, follow these instructions:

  • Select the checkbox labeled Hide the "Pick a time" button during these scheduled times.

  • Specify the Start date and End date, and if applicable, max daily capacity.

  • Select all of the days of the week. They should all be highlighted in blue.

  • Select the checkbox labeled All day.

8b. If you'd like to allow your supporters to choose the time that they take action, or if the action can only be completed on certain days or at certain times, follow these instructions:

  • Leave the checkbox labeled Hide the "Pick a time" button during these scheduled times empty.

  • Specify the Start date and End date, and if applicable, max daily capacity.

  • Specify the days this action should be taken. The selected days will be highlighted in blue.

  • Specify the Start time and End time.

9. Click Submit to publish your Online Action!

Syncing online actions to VAN (for VAN integration users)

By default, Online Actions create an event in VAN for each day that the form is live. If you prefer not to have Events created for each day of your action, you can configure your Online Action form to apply an Activist Code to signups instead.

  • When creating your new Online Action, click into the Customize VAN Settings (for this event only) to expand the drop-down:

  • Once there, select Assign VAN Activist Code to supporters who take this action and choose the Activist Code you want applied to supporters who sign up from the dropdown list.

  • With an Activist Code configured, your Online Action will not sync new events to VAN for each day that the action is available, but your chosen Activist Code will be applied when supporters take the action.

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