Create a petition on Mobilize

With petitions, your supporters can easily pledge their support to your organization with the quick click of a button.

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Now, you can add petitions to your Mobilize feed to share with your supporters.

Petitions have the same features as other Mobilize events, including:

  • Space for a title, description, and image

  • Tags for easy discovery

  • Options to display additional prompts to supporters after they sign the petition, including social sharing, donation, and event suggestions

  • Space to add custom fields to collect additional information from your supporters

Below is an example of how a petition will appear to your supporters on Mobilize. As with events and other actions, petition forms will be pre-filled for anyone who has signed up on Mobilize for easy one-tap sign-up.

Petitions will be displayed on your Mobilize feed alongside other events and actions:

Creating a petition

To create a petition, simply choose “Petition” when you are creating a new event in your Mobilize dashboard:

Building your petition is easy. Start by adding a Title and the Petition text.

Add tags to help supporters discover your petition, and enable other partners promote your petition on their Mobilize feeds. For example:

You can optionally provide a signature goal, and Mobilize will display the goal to supporters to increase momentum and encourage additional signups:

Add additional fields (optional)

Add up to two additional fields to your petition to collect key pieces of information from your supporters, to help you engage them later.

Location (optional)

Link your petition to a location to highlight it to supporters in a certain location, or leave the location empty for petitions that all of your supporters should sign:


Finally, set the start and end dates for your petition. We recommend starting your petition immediately. You can always change this later if you decide to extend it or if your petition achieves its goal.

On the day that your petition starts, the petition will appear in your feed and the button on your petition-signing form will read "Sign this petition".

What happens after a supporter signs a petition?

After a supporter signs a petition, they can be asked to share the petition with friends, donate, or sign up for relevant events.

The prompts displayed after a supporter signs a petition can be switched on or off in the "Communications" section while you are creating or editing your petitions:

Supporters will also receive an automated email and SMS message thanking them for signing the petition, and, depending on your petition settings, will be asked to take further actions like sharing with friends, donating, or signing up for other events and actions.

Viewing and downloading petition signatures

All petition signatures can be viewed in the dashboard by clicking on the petition in your events list. Click on any date to see the petition signatures for that date.

A full list of your petition signatures can also downloaded at any time in CSV format by clicking "Export signups" in the "Shift and Signups" section of the petition details page in your dashboard:

Petitions sync to NGP VAN, ActionKit, and Salesforce as an event, with one event (shift in the case of NGP VAN) created for each day of petition signatures. Supporters who sign the petition will be synced to these third-party integrations as event signups.

Promoting petitions on the Mobilize network

Your petitions can be promoted on and on partner feeds, just like other events and online actions. Your organization can also promote petitions from other partners! Find out more about promotions.

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