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Quick Start Guide for Volunteer Hosts
Quick Start Guide for Volunteer Hosts
Some tips, so you can go out there and be the host with the most successful events.
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Becoming a volunteer host

If you've been volunteering for organizations through Mobilize, you may be wondering how to host your own volunteer event! An organization you already support may occasionally ask you via SMS or email if you're interested in hosting an event with them, or they may have a Host an event button at the top of their event feed, like below:

In either case, you'll be prompted to submit a form to the organization confirming your interest in hosting an event. They'll contact you with instructions for submitting your event.

Once you've submitted an event, you can do even more from your Mobilize Dashboard. Make sure you're logged in with the email address you used to create the event, then navigate to Menu --> Organize For to find the organization you've signed up to host with. You've now found your Dashboard!

Event management

What happens after I submit my event?

After you submit an event, you'll receive an email from Mobilize with the subject line, "⭐️ Thanks for hosting an event!"

An admin for the organization will review your event before approving it. If you have any questions or concerns about the approval process, please contact the organization directly. You can find the organization's contact email address at the top of your Dashboard.

Once your event has been approved, you'll receive another email with the subject line, "πŸ‘ Your event is live!"

How do I edit or cancel my event?

When logged in to Mobilize, you can access your event in Dashboard view at any time, even while waiting for it to be approved. You can also find your event by clicking the link in your "⭐️ Thanks for hosting an event!" email.

To edit or cancel an event, click the downtick button and select Edit event or Delete event, like below.

Attendee communications & recruitment

How do I reach out to attendees?

You can contact people who have signed up to attend your event using Mobilize Messaging by selecting Email supporters in the event Dashboard view.

Volunteer hosts can also use Mobilize Messaging to contact all past event attendees regardless of their affiliated organization. Select Email your attendees in the Events tab to send a message to your past attendees, either those affiliated with the current organization you're hosting an event with, or from all organizations you've hosted with. This is a superpower exclusive to hosts!

Can I turn off notifications to attendees?

Only dashboard Admins can configure event notifications to attendees. You will have to reach out to the organizer of your event campaign, and ask them to configure the following per-event notification settings.

How do I promote my event?

Once your event has been approved, share the sign-up link to your event via email or social media posts!

Why don't I see my event on the hosting organization's event feed? What can I do?

It could be that your event hasn't been approved yet! If that's the case, please contact the organization with whom you submitted your event.

If you know your event has been approved - double check that the event Visibility is set to Public, and that the event hasn't reached the max capacity for signups, if you've set one.

Questions? Reach out to [email protected]!

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