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Magic Link Not Working
Magic Link Not Working
What to do when the magic (link) is gone.
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Does this, unfortunately, look familiar?

Screenshot of the page typically seen when a magic login link for Mobilize isn't working. The page says Your login was not successful, possibly because your login link has expired. A link is provided to request a new login code.

This page indicates that your Magic Link has expired or is simply not working. Anti-phishing software may be the cause of this issue. While we think they're a great tool to ensure a level of cybersecurity; they do have the unfortunate habit of pre-clicking on sensitive links like our Dashboard Admin invitations and rendering them void. You may have to ask your email administrator to whitelist Mobilize.

Please whitelist and!

Once you have done so, simply request another Magic Link.

Problem with your dashboard? Let us know at [email protected] and we'll take care of it.

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