Customize Event Suggestions

You can now customize the events that are suggested after attendees take actions and in your organization's newsletter.

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15% of RSVPs on the Mobilize platform come from automated event suggestions that are served to supporters at all sorts of times, like following up after they take an action (signing up, cancelling, confirming, leaving feedback, etc...) and in your organization's automated weekly newsletter.

Now, you can customize the events that Mobilize suggests in event follow-ups or the newsletter!

1) Decide where you want to customize

  • a) Follow-up Event Suggestions

  • b) Organization's Automated Weekly Newsletter

a) Follow-up Event Suggestions

These are what appear after you sign-up, cancel, confirm, or leave feedback about an event. They also appear in the feedback and followup emails for the event.

To customize these, when creating or editing your event, tap the “Customize” hyperlink next to the "Sign up for other events” toggle

b) Automated Weekly Newsletter Suggestions

These appear in the automated weekly newsletter.

You can change these by going to "Settings" -> "Automated recommendation newsletter" and tapping on the "Settings" link

Once you do that check the box "Include specific events and actions"

2) Decide what you want to suggest

You can paste two types of links:

  • a) Individual Events

  • b) Filtered Feeds

a) Individual Events

Just find a link to the event and paste it in the box.

  • You can suggest events that were created on or promoted by your dashboard

  • Suggest up to 6 events

  • Only in-person and shifted virtual events can be included. Flexible virtual events and online actions are not supported.

b) Filtered Feeds

Go to your organizations feed and decide how you want to filter it. You can use any of the available filters including tags, event type, date range, location, and more. Once you do the search, copy the link from the browser navigation and paste it into the recommendation box.

The most relevant suggestions from that feed search will be surfaced to each individual supporter based on their info (like location and past attendance history).

  • You can only include up to 1 filtered feed

  • It must be the the same organization as the one that is suggesting the events


These are some of the kinds of things organizations like to do:

  • Link together events in a series, like "Debate Watch Party 1" -> "Debate Watch Party 2"

  • Link together events with a similar audience, like all of your events meant for out of state attendees

  • Link together all events with a certain tag and then suggest those to people in a blast email, like "Weekend of Action"

Learn more about the notifications we send and other customization opportunities here!

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