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How to add co-hosts to your event
How to add co-hosts to your event
How to add additional owners to your event and share event management responsibilities (for organizers and admins)
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Event creators can add multiple co-hosts to their events, making it easy to share event planning, recruitment, and volunteer management responsibilities with a co-worker or volunteer without making changes to their permission level.

What permissions do co-hosts have?

Users with host, trusted host, and organizer permission levels will have the following capabilities on events they are a co-host for:

  • Edit the event

  • View & add signups

  • Change signup statuses

  • Export signups

  • Receive notifications about new signups to an event

  • Moderate the event chat (if enabled)

  • Use Mobilize messaging to contact attendees

Co-hosts who have been assigned the “admin” permission level will not face any restrictions or limitations as far as their ability to make edits, updates, export data, etc. All other users with non-admin status (i.e. host, trusted host, and organizer permission levels) will not be able to:

  • Add additional co-hosts to the event

  • Remove themselves as a co-host of an event

  • Add or remove co-hosts for events they do not own

  • Delete the event

How to add a co-host

1. Go to the Events tab and select the event you’d like to add a co-host to

2. In the Edit view, scroll to the Co-hosts section and begin typing in the name of the user you want to add. Select the user from the dropdown and then hit ‘Submit’ to save the changes to the event:

  • You can add unlimited co-hosts your event.

Note: if a person does not appear in your dropdown search, they are not yet a User in your organization. Admins can add them to your organization via the Users page so they can become a co-host.

3. The new co-host will receive an email notification alerting them of their new co-host status and prompting them to view the event in their dashboard or email the event owner.

4. Once logged in, co-hosts can view the primary host and all co-hosts for their event in the co-hosts section of the event:

How to remove a co-host

  1. Go back to the Editing view of the event and scroll to the Co-hosts section. Delete the users that you’d like to revoke co-host permissions for

  2. The removed co-host will receive an email letting them know they can no longer manage the event

Moderating volunteer events with co-hosts

Volunteer hosts creating events as part of an Event Campaign can also invite additional contacts to host events with them.

When reviewing events that are awaiting approval, events with multiple hosts will appear in the list with the label “+X co-hosts”. Hover over this label to see the names of the additional co-hosts, or click into the event to see more details about the additional co-hosts.

If you need to message all hosts of an event to request changes or ask about details for the event, using the “Contact all hosts” button in the Edit > More menu on an event will allow you to send a message to all hosts.

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