Add co-hosts to an event

As a Volunteer Host, you can invite other volunteers to co-host an event with you

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How to add a co-host to an event

  • While you're creating an event:

While filling out your event details, scroll down to the Co-hosts section and add the first name, last name, and email address of your co-host. You can add as many co-hosts as you'd like to your event.

  • After you've created an event:

Trusted hosts can edit their event co-hosts but Hosts cannot edit their event co-hosts. If you are unsure of your organization role, please reach out to the organization directly.

Trusted Hosts can add co-hosts by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Events tab and select the event you’d like to add a co-host to

Step 2: In the Edit view, scroll to the Co-hosts section and begin typing in the name of the user you want to add. Select the user from the dropdown and then hit ‘Submit’ to save the changes to the event:

You can add unlimited co-hosts your event.

If a person does not appear in your dropdown search, they are not yet a User in your organization. You will need to reach out to an Admin and request that your co-host be added as a User.

What do co-hosts need to do after they are added to an event?

Once you submit your event or add a co-host from the Event Details page, co-hosts will receive an email notifying them that they've been added as a co-host.

Your co-host will need to log into the dashboard using the email you used to invite them to be able to manage the event with you. The email that your co-host receives will look like:

Note: If your co-host is not already a Host, Organizer, or Admin Mobilize User for the organization you are hosting for, they will need to log in to their dashboard using the email you provided. Until then, they will not be verified and will not have access to your event.

Pictured: Organizer/Admin view of an unverified co-host

What can co-hosts do?

Co-hosts have almost all of the same capabilities that you do as a Host. They can:

  • Edit your event details (like location and time)

  • View, download & add signups

  • Receive notifications about new signups to an event

  • Change signup statuses from registered, confirmed or cancelled

  • Moderate the event chat

  • Use Mobilize Messaging to communicate with attendees

Co-hosts cannot:

  • Add or remove co-hosts (including themselves)

  • Delete the event

Co-hosts with the Admin permission level will not face any restrictions or limitations to event management.

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