Guiding Hosts to the "Next Event Campaign"
Set a "Next Event Campaign" so that after your volunteer hosts an event they can set their next one up.
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If your Event Campaign still has more than a week left and you've allowed hosts to host multiple shifts, then we'll automatically ask the host via SMS the next day if they'd like to add another shift a week later at the same time. Around 1 out of 10 hosts asked this say yes.

And if your Event Campaign runs for long enough, we'll even ask if they want to host it weekly for the next month. Around 1/2 hosts ask this say yes to this.


But sometimes Event Campaigns are shorter or you want to guide hosts to another Event Campaign. The Next Event Campaign functionality helps with this. It's a way to link your current event campaign (like “Debate 1 Watch Party”) to a second event campaign (like “Debate 2 Watch Party”) where Mobilize will automatically ask hosts via SMS if they’d like to make an event in the second campaign in one message.

How It Works

In the Event Campaign you can set a “Next Event Campaign”.

a) Timing of the Next Event

One day after the event, hosts will be sent a message asking if they’d like to host an event for the “Next Event Campaign” at a certain time/day. The time/day are chosen by:

  • If the “Next Event Campaign” is limited to a certain time on a certain day, then that’s whats chosen

  • Else, if the “Next Event Campaign” to a certain day, but flexible on time, it uses the same time as the previous event but on the specific day

  • Else, if one week from the previous event is in the appropriate range for the “Next Event Campaign” then it uses the same time one week later

  • Else, if one week from the previous event is not in the appropriate range for the “Next Event Campaign”, then it will choose the closest day to 1 week (either the start or end of the campaign)

b) Details about the Next Event

If the person says YES then we’ll make a new event for them in the “Next Event Campaign”. By default, we’ll copy over most of the details of the previous event (location, private details, etc…) into the new event. The exceptions are:

  • Title: Unless the “Copy the title and description” field is checked, we will use the default title of the “Next Event Campaign” followed by the Zip code as the title. (So “Debate 2 Watch Party” would be “Debate 2 Watch Party - 92646” for the individual event)

  • Description: Similarly, unless the “Copy the title and description” field is checked, we will use the default event description as the event description

  • Event Type: The event type will be whatever the first allowed type is in the Next Event Campaign


  • This is a great fit for two event campaigns that have the same training (if you want people in the second event campaign to go to special training, they won’t know about that)

  • If the two events are similar, like “Debate Watch Parties” it’s great to just copy over all the information

  • If the two events are more different, like “Debate Watch Party” → “Townhall”, it’s better to not copy over the title/description. In this case it’s helpful to make the default event title and description human readable (like “Townhall” vs “[Location] Townhall”).

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