Assign Tags to Volunteer Hosted Events

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Our Event Campaign feature allows organizations and campaigns to unlock the power of their super volunteers. You can apply tags to volunteer hosted events, making them easier for supporters to find in your events feed.

  1. Navigate to your Event Campaign tab

  2. Click on the name of an existing Event Campaign to edit OR select New event campaign to create a new one

  3. Scroll until you see Tag options

  4. Add the tag(s) you want to apply. The selected tags will be automatically applied to all events created in this campaign.

  5. Click Save

Want to go one step further and generate a URL that takes your Supporters to events from an Event Campaign?

  1. Go to your Action Feed. The URL is typically

  2. If you have already assigned a Tag for your Event Campaign events, it'll likely appear as a button on your Action Feed

  3. Click on the Tag and look at your browser's Address Bar.

  4. Copy the URL, and you can use it to share events for a specific Event Campaign. Check this out!

As always, feel free to reach out if you need anything!

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