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Creating an Online Contribution Form in EveryAction to link to Mobilize
Creating an Online Contribution Form in EveryAction to link to Mobilize

How to create your Online Contribution Form in EveryAction that will be used to capture and record contributions on Mobilize

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This article is part of our Guide to Fundraising on Mobilize with EveryAction

Before you get started fundraising with EveryAction and Mobilize, you will need to create an Online Contribution Form in EveryAction that will be used to capture and record contributions on Mobilize. Mobilize imports certain settings from your Online Contribution form, including payment methods and the donation amounts shown to supporters.

You can link multiple EveryAction contribution forms to Mobilize to create campaigns and fundraising events with different donation settings.

ℹ️ Note: If your organization uses the Mobilize VAN integration, make sure to create your Contribution Forms within the same Committee that is linked to your Mobilize dashboard.

Contribution Form Setup: Basics

In the Committee linked to your Mobilize account, create a new Contribution Form. (Navigate to Online Actions > Create New Form > Contribution)


  1. If you are only using this Contribution Form for Mobilize, the Form Title can be the same as your internal form name (this is not shown to supporters on Mobilize).

  2. You do not need to select a Theme, add a Header Image, or specify Footer details – you will add imagery and other supporter-facing details on Mobilize

Connect a Gateway to Accept Contributions

  1. Select the Designation and Gateway accounts that you will use to collect payments on Mobilize. For more on how to set up a Designation and Gateway to start collecting payments, visit the EveryAction help docs

  2. Note: PayPal, Bank Account and Mobile Wallet payments are not yet supported in Mobilize, but will be coming soon!

Track Your Efforts

  1. We strongly recommend you specify a Source Code for all contributions collected with your Mobilize contribution form, so you can easily track contributions coming from Mobilize

  2. You can also specify an Activist Code that will be attached to the supporters donating on Mobilize using this Contribution Form

FastAction Settings

  1. Make sure the option “Enable FastAction Auto fill” is enabled to benefit from higher conversion rates on Mobilize. When enabled, Mobilize will be able to pre-fill credit card and other details for the 100M+ supporters who have previously completed a donation on an EveryAction contribution form.

  2. FastAction Auto Processing (for creating one-click links from Targeted Email) is not currently supported

Other settings

  1. You do not need to specify a Google Analytics ID for this form. You can configure Google Analytics tracking in your Mobilize dashboard.

  2. You can optionally enabled Confirmed Opt-In but note that this setting will not apply to other supporter emails collected via Mobilize, and this is not required for Mobilize to send automated reminder and recruitment emails.

Click ‘Continue’ to continue to the Build Page step.

Contribution Form Setup: Build Page

Building Your Online Page, Layout Options, and Progress Bar

Skip the sections for Building Your Online Page, Layout Options, and Progress Bar – changes to these settings will not be reflected on Mobilize.

Contribution Information

Jump to the “Contribution Information” section to choose your donation amounts, default contribution amounts, and whether you want to allow supporters to complete recurring donations through Mobilize.

We recommend selecting no more than 6 Contribution Amounts and no more than 3 payment frequencies.

Note: The default duration for all contributions collected on Mobilize is “Until I Contact You”. Enabling other duration options will not result in other commitment durations being offered to supporters on Mobilize

Cover Costs

Enable ‘Cover Costs’ and configure your Cover Costs formula, if you would like this option to be provided to Supporters on Mobilize

Contact Information

Configure your Contact Information fields in the Contact Information section. Mobilize will always collect First Name, Last Name, email, mobile phone, and ZIP code. Mobilize additionally collects Street Address, City and State for all contribution forms.

Employer Information

Enable the ‘Employer Information’ section, if required for legal purposes. Mobilize currently supports capturing the Employer and Occupation fields.

Note: Information added to the Legal Header or Legal Description fields for your EveryAction Contribution Form will not be shown in Mobilize, but you can add any required legal to the description of your Mobilize fundraising campaign/event, or to the Legal Disclaimer in your Mobilize dashboard settings.

Interests, Additional Information, and Eligibility

Skip the “Interests”, “Additional Information”, and “Eligibility” sections, as these are not used on Mobilize. Any eligibility requirements should be included in the Mobilize fundraising event description.

Contribution Form Setup: Confirmation Page

On the Confirmation Page settings, choose “Display Thank You message”. The message here will not be shown. Instead, Mobilize shows bring-a-friend prompts or event suggestions according to your dashboard settings.

Finish creating your Contribution Form

Click ‘Save’ to finish creating your Online Contribution Form for Mobilize.

ℹ️ Tip: Copy the link for your newly-created Contribution Form before proceeding to the next step. The form link will be shown in a green banner at the top of the page (the URL will likely begin with, or you can always click the “link & embed” button and then “Copy Link” to copy the link to the form.

🎊 Hooray! You're ready to link your Contribution Form to Mobilize so your team can start creating fundraising campaigns and events.

ℹ️ Note: The following settings available in your Online Contribution Forms are not currently supported in Mobilize


  • “Pitch or Additional message” for individual donation frequencies

  • FastAction auto processing (for one-click processing from Targeted Email)

  • Upsell lightbox (Mobilize automatically displays personalized event suggestions and bring-a-friend prompts based on your settings in Mobilize)

  • “Interests”, “Additional Information”, and “Eligibility” questions

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