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Linking EveryAction Contribution forms to Mobilize (for Admin users)
Linking EveryAction Contribution forms to Mobilize (for Admin users)

How to link your EveryAction Online Contribution form to capture donations in your events and fundraising campaigns on Mobilize

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This article is part of our Guide to Fundraising on Mobilize with EveryAction

After you have created an Online Contribution form in EveryAction, you will need to link that contribution form to Mobilize so that it can be used on your events and fundraising campaigns.

ℹ️ Notes

  • If your organization uses the Mobilize VAN integration, you will only be able to link Contribution Forms created in the same EveryAction Committee.

  • You will need to be an Admin user with access to your organization's EveryAction contribution forms to complete the steps in this guide.

1. Visit the Fundraising settings page in your dashboard

From your Mobilize dashboard, visit your Fundraising settings tab (Admin users only).

On this page, scroll to the "Fundraising with EveryAction" section. This is where you will link one or more EveryAction Online Contribution forms that will be available to capture contributions on Mobilize.

If you don't see a Fundraising with EveryAction section in your Fundraising settings page, get in touch with our customer success team to learn about how to add the integration to your account.

2. Linking a form

Click the 'Link a form' button. You will be prompted to give an internal Name to this form.

Choose a name that will be easy for your team to recognize when they are setting up a fundraising campaign or event, for example "Grassroots form with monthly recurring option". This can also be the same as the name of the Online Contribution form in EveryAction, for easy reference. This name is not shown to donors.

Next, paste the public link (or the long ID) of the EveryAction Contribution Form in the EveryAction donation form link or ID field.

The link to your form can be found by clicking the "Link & Embed" button from your Contribution Form in Online Actions, then "Copy Link":

Click "Save" to finish linking the form to your Mobilize dashboard.

When a form is successfully linked, it will appear in the "Fundraising with EveryAction section on your Fundraising Settings page.

Your Organizer and Admin users will be able to select the contribution form when setting up their fundraising events and campaigns.

Note: Mobilize does not support vanity URLs for Contribution Forms. If the public link for your form is a vanity URL, you can find the standard URL under "Embed Code" after clicking "Link & Embed". If you need help finding the standard URL, reach out to Mobilize Support at [email protected].

Editing and removing linked forms

You can edit the linked form to change the internal name of the Contribution Form, or you can change the underlying Contribution Form by pasting a new link. If you change the underlying Contribution Form, this change will immediately affect any fundraising events or campaigns that use the form.

You can remove a form from your Mobilize account to prevent the form from being used to collect contributions for fundraising campaigns and events. You will need to remove the form from any active campaigns or events before you can remove the linked form from your dashboard.


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