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Access your volunteer schedule
Access your volunteer schedule

Looking for the location or join link for an upcoming event? This is how you can find your volunteer schedule.

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Sometimes our emails get Lost in Translation, which can be frustrating when you have an event that's about to start! Fear not, there's another way you can find the event address or join link. This is how you can find your volunteer schedule.

  1. If you are logged into, click on Menu.

2. A dropdown menu will appear. Click on My schedule.

3. You should now see Schedule for [Your Name]. On an upcoming event card, click View instructions... and a card should pop with event details, including a Join Link and/or address, as applicable.

BONUS: My schedule now tracks your impact!

  • Number of events and actions you've signed up for

  • Number of organizations you've supported

  • Number of volunteer hours you've completed

  • Number of friends you've recruited via the Bring-a-friend link share

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