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Manage user access across sub-accounts
Manage user access across sub-accounts

Bulk grant user access from the parent dashboard

Updated over a week ago

If your organization uses multiple Mobilize dashboards, this feature will make your life a lot easier!

Once the feature is turned on, Admins can manage user access to multiple sub-accounts directly from their main dashboard. Admins can also see which accounts each user has access to from the main dashboard. If you're interested in using this feature, reach out to your Mobilize Client Success Manager!

  1. Go to the Users tab in your national or main account

  2. Select Manage dashboards from the dropdown next to a user

3. Select the sub-accounts you wish to add the user to and hit save

  • Users are added to the sub-accounts that you select automatically, they do not need to go through the email login process.

  • Users will keep the permission tier designated in the main dashboard. So, if you add a Trusted Host to a sub-account using this feature, they will remain a Trusted Host in the sub-account.

  • Admins of the sub-account can update user's permission tiers at any time.

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