Create an Interest Form

Have event plans that are TBD? Want to dive into Mobilizing but want to build out your supporter list first? Try an Interest Form!

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POV: you want to create an interest form.

  1. Fill out Basic information

    1. For the field Type, make sure Interest Form is selected

  2. Set Visibility

    1. Private - event will not be discoverable via the feed, and not promotable

    2. Public - event will be discoverable via the feed

  3. Fill out Details

  4. Upload a photo

  5. (Optional) Specify a Location

  6. (Optional) Specify a Contact. If not filled out, defaults to details of the person creating the form.

  7. (Optional) Added Linked groups

  8. (Optional) Add Co-host(s)

  9. (Optional) Add Additional fields

  10. Toggle Support count settings

    1. Set custom goal if you'd like your supporters to get an idea of how much support you need for an action

  11. Toggle Communications settings

  12. Schedule - select the end date for your form

  13. Submit

GIF (animated picture) of steps to create interest form as specified in the 13 steps

Reach out if you have any questions!

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