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How to sync Promoted Events to your VAN committee
How to sync Promoted Events to your VAN committee

This article will walk you through how to sync events you promote and the signups you recruit to those events to your VAN committee.

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📋 Overview

You can choose to sync events you promote and the signups you recruit to those events to your VAN committee. This helps you keep track of the actions your supporters take for partner events that you're promoting to your feed.

You'll configure a unique set of Event Type, Role and Status mappings for Promoted events. Once promoted events have at least one signup via your Mobilize feed, the promoted event and its signups are synced to VAN the same way as events you own, with the exception of promoting events across the firewall.

We will create a unique VAN Code (Source Code) for each organization you promote and add the Code to that organization’s events when it syncs to your VAN.

  • Shifts that are scheduled through another organization's Mobilize feed will appear in VAN the same way, as if they came from your account. Volunteer’s Activist Code, VAN Role and event status will all come from your settings. Both the promoting and promoted organization will have access to event data including event details and volunteer sign up.

🛠️ How to set up Promoted events

STEP 1: From your dashboard, go to VAN Settings > "Promoted events" section

STEP 2: Toggle "Sync promoted events" on

STEP 3: Configure Event Type, roles, and attendance statuses

Select the VAN Event Type, roles, and attendance statuses to be used for each Mobilize event type you plan to promote. The corresponding VAN Event Type must not require a location.

⚠️ NOTE: If you do not configure a given event type for promoted events, those events and their signups will not be synced to your VAN.

🧱Firewall Exception - IE and Coordinated entities

Mobilize enforces restrictions on what data can be shared between independent expenditure and coordinated-side entities. It is applied when a you promote an organization across the firewall, and it works in the following way:

  • For signups that you recruit to a promoted event, we will create a “masked” representation of the promoted event in your VAN and sync masked representations of the signups to that event.

  • The event title and details will be marked “[Redacted].” The only details that will appear on the event are the date/time and event type.

  • The Signup model will continue to have the first name, last name, phone number, email, and zip code of the user.

Let us know if you have further questions at [email protected]!

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