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๐Ÿ“‹ Overview

In the Mobilize feed, events are ordered based on the visitorโ€™s location. Organizers can add locations to virtual events to incorporate them into this location-based order. But what if your event is meant for all supporters in a given state? How can you ensure that in-state supporters see the event at the top of the page, even if the event location is very far from where they live?

If you want to turn this feature on for your dashboard, reach out to your Client Success Manager or [email protected].

We built this feature to help solve this problem! Statewide events have the following attributes to make them more conducive to recruitment at the state level:

  • The location details, including city and zip code are hidden from the event in the feed view. Instead of city, state, zip code, the location section of the public event will just say In person or Virtual [State]. The full location details are visible once the supporter clicks through for more details.

  • A dedicated Events in your state section appears on the feed for supporters browsing in the state where the event is located.

  • The event is still visible in other sections of the feed for supporters not located in the given state.

โ“How to

To create a statewide event, go to the location section of the event creation page and add at least a zip code.

Next, toggle the setting that says "This is a statewide event."

In-state supporters will see the event in a special feed section titled "events in [user's state]."

If the supporter is not physically located in the state while browsing, they will not see the state section, but they will see the statewide event in other sections of the feed, or when searching for an event.

Questions or feedback? Send an email to [email protected]!

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