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Configure Organization Settings
Configure Organization Settings

Learn what Admin Users can configure in the organization Settings tab

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Admins can access the Settings tab from their dashboard:

💡 Admins can find the Organization ID at the top of the Team Settings page

ℹ️ Basic information

Organization name

  • The organization name will appear on the Public Events Feed

URL Slug

  • The slug is the part of the URL that is unique to the organization and will be included in every URL for the organization's pages. For example,

  • Make sure you pick something short, use lowercase letters, and do not include spaces or punctuation.

Organization Mission

  • Mobilize uses this to help supporters and other organizations find events, and to provide you with relevant resources.

Default Contact email

  • This email address will receive any correspondence from volunteers that respond to Mobilize confirmation and reminder emails, or that have any general questions about the organization.

  • You can set a different email address for each event in the event details. We recommend that you put the email address of the host of the event in the event details so that volunteers can reach out to the host if they have questions.

Legal Disclaimer

Typically used for FEC compliance, shown on the event feed and signup pages. Language here will vary by organization, so if you have questions, please consult organizational leadership or legal team.


  • When enabled, other organizations will be able to find and promote the organization from their Dashboard Promotions tab. will also be able to promote the organization's events.

  • If you decide to disable promotions and then re-enable promotions, the organization's list of “My Promoters” will not contain the groups that were previously promoting the organization. Please reach out to Mobilize Support if you re-enable promotions and want to promote the organization again.


  • If enabled, signup pages for events with multiple timeslots will show two pre-checked timeslots by default. This helps nudge volunteers to maximize their actions.

Lead capture

  • Capture contact information from new visitors to the event feed via a lead capture form shown on the events feed.

Enable Automated Checkin for Virtual Events

  • Attendees can be automatically marked as Completed when they click through the “link to join” at in email reminders and the 30-mins-before SMS.

🎨 Branding


  • You can upload any image to be set as the organization’s Mobilize logo. The logo will be visible on the top left of the public events feed.

  • The image you choose should be readable at 56px height, with a transparent background. We accept .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, and .png images.

Primary color

  • Select a color code that matches the organization’s branding. This color will be used on the public events feed, sign up buttons, and set the theme for the Mobilize page.

  • Choose a color with good contrast on white backgrounds.

Event feed banner

  • By toggling on the banner for the events feed, there will be a wide ribbon of the organization color on the top of the events feed. The text will read “Take Action with org name” in large print, with “Check out these ways to get involved!” beneath it. While this is the default message, reach out Mobilize Support or your organization's CSM if you’d like to customize the text that appears in the banner.

Here is an example of a public feed with a logo, primary color, and default event feed banner enabled:

📱Social Sharing

Configure the card displayed when the organization's pages are shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Event feed image

  • This image will show when you post a link to the organization event feed on Twitter and Facebook.

  • We accept .jpeg or .png file format, no larger than 8MB.

  • Any image uploaded will be cropped to 1200x600px.


  • This title will show at the bottom of the social media card.


  • This description will show on the social media card beneath the title.

Here is an example of a card with a custom event feed image, title, and description:

Event signup page hashtag

  • When volunteers or staff share the organization's Mobilize events to Twitter or Facebook via 'Bring a friend', the links can auto-populate with a custom hashtag that the organization creates. This allows your team to easily track share traffic and repost supporters' content.

📈 Analytics

Facebook pixel ID

  • Add a Facebook pixel ID to support tracking for paid advertisements or other data collection.

Google Analytics ID

  • Add a Google Analytics ID to support tracking for paid advertisements or other data collection.

🤝 Event group chat

  • When enabled, event attendees and organizers can message each other via email, starting 48 hours before the event.

  • Attendees can only see each others’ first names and last initials, and email addresses are anonymized.

✉️ Automated recommendation newsletter

  • This sends recommended events and actions to Supporters on Mobilize, automatically personalized to each recipient’s location and participation history.

  • Any events or actions that appear on the organization's event feed, including events from other organizations you promote, may be included in recommendations.

  • By clicking 'Customize message and event suggestions', you can opt to customize the newsletter:

    • Write a custom title

    • Write a custom message up to 300 characters for the top section of the email

    • Include events from organizations you promote by selecting or deselecting the checkbox

    • Include specific events and actions (up to 6)

      📣: Be sure to make changes before 12 pm ET on Thursdays

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