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How to log into Mobilize and what do it if the magic isn't working

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All Mobilize users can log into Mobilize by navigating to the Log in button in the upper right corner of the Mobilize.us page or by navigating directly to https://mobilize.us/dashboard/ from the browser URL bar.

Mobilize uses a passwordless entry system with three options: Magic Link, Facebook, or Google. Users must start a new log in session each time they want to use Mobilize.

Log in with a Magic Link πŸ”—

Step 1: From the Log in to Mobilize pop up, click the 'Get a magic link' button

Step 2: Input the email address associated with your Mobilize account

Step 3: Check your email inbox. Click the button in the email body that says 'Log into Mobilize'.

Step 4: Start Mobilizing! You will be logged into Mobilize in the same browser window that you requested the link from.

Troubleshoot: My magic link isn't working! βš™οΈ

Does this, unfortunately, look familiar?

This page indicates that your Magic Link has expired or is simply not working. Anti-phishing software may be the cause of this issue.

While we think they're a great tool to ensure a level of cybersecurity; they do have the unfortunate habit of pre-clicking on links and disappearing our emails completely.

You'll need to ask your email administrator to add these Mobilize domains to the email allow list:

  • mobilize.us

  • mg.mobilize.us

  • track-mg.mobilize.us

Once this is done, simply request another magic link. Don't forget to check your spam folders! You can try to log in via the login code method if your magic link still doesn't work.

If you still don't receive the magic link or have any other issues, please email [email protected] so we can confirm you are subscribed to Mobilize emails.

Log in with Google βœ‰οΈ

Step 1: From the Log in to Mobilize pop up, click the 'Continue with Google' button

Step 2: If you are already logged into Google in your browser session, you will automatically be logged into Mobilize. If you are not logged into Facebook, the Facebook login page will open.

Step 3: Log into Google

Step 4: You will be redirected to the Mobilize account associated with your Google account email.

Log out of Mobilize πŸ‘‹

Step 1: Navigate to Menu in the upper right corner

Step 2: Click 'Log out' in the dropdown

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