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Configure a weekly events newsletter for your organization
Configure a weekly events newsletter for your organization

Send a weekly newsletter to your organization's supporters with automatic event suggestions!

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Looking for more ways to easily share your organization's upcoming events with your supporters? Look no further! Every Thursday afternoon we'll send a personalized email to anyone who has previously signed up for an event or lead form on your dashboard with curated events based on the supporter's location and participation history.

Want to skip a week? No problem.

If, for whatever reason, you'd prefer not to send the newsletter, go to your Settings tab, scroll down to Automated recommendation newsletter, and select Never send. Just make sure you do so before 12 pm ET on Thursday.

You can always turn the newsletter back on the following week by selecting Send once per week.

Want to make it your own? We've got you covered.

The newsletter is designed to be 100% turnkey - you don't need to configure anything to ensure it goes out each week. However, we've added some customizations so that you can put your own spin on it if you'd like - again, before 12 pm ET on Thursdays!

The options below can be accessed by selecting the Settings hyperlink beneath the Send or Never send selections:

  • Write a custom message up to 300 characters for the top section of the email.

  • Include events from organizations you promote by selecting or deselecting the checkbox.

  • Choose events to include in the newsletter, as seen below. Add links for up to six events!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many events will appear in the newsletter?

A maximum of six events will appear in each newsletter, including promoted and customized event suggestions.

2. What happens if we have no events in our feed?

If there are no events available in your feed that week, the newsletter will not be sent.

3. Can I control the date range of events included in the newsletter?

No, aside from your customized event suggestions. Events starting less than 12 hours after the newsletter is sent will be automatically filtered out but otherwise there are no date restrictions.

4. Why isn't a particular event appearing in the newsletter?

Events shown in the newsletter will vary depending on the supporter's location and participation history. If a supporter has already signed up for an event, or a previous shift of an event, that event will not appear on that supporter's newsletter, even if you choose to include it as a customized event suggestion.

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