New! MiniVAN + Mobilize

Keep your canvassers engaged by promoting the next Mobilize action in-app!

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Organizations with Mobilize and VAN can now promote a Mobilize link within MiniVAN. Once your canvassers complete their canvass packet, they will be prompted to sign up for a new action on Mobilize:

Screencapture of smart phone with a modal that says, "Mobilize, find more volunteer opportunities" It also has two buttons: Sign Up Today and, I'll do this later

First time hearing about MiniVAN? Get an overview of MiniVAN↗️

Links to VAN's Help Center will be denoted with "↗️". To access, make sure you're logged into VAN.

Set up a MiniVAN campaign with a Mobilize link

View of text box to paste Mobilize link in MiniVAN

Tracking signups coming from MiniVAN

MiniVAN will automatically set the utm_campaign and utm_source, so that each signup can be attributed to a specific MiniVAN campaign. You can find the utm_campaign and utm_source in your Mobilize signup exports and on your Stats page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What links can I use?

    Any link. This can be a URL for a specific sign-up page on Mobilize, or a pre-filtered URL for an organization's Mobilize feed.

  2. How many links can I add to MiniVAN?

    One link per MiniVAN campaign.

  3. Can I use a link with UTM parameters?

    Yes. However, if used, MiniVAN will overwrite utm_campaign and utm_source in your signup exports and Stats dashboards.

  4. I can't add a Mobilize link to my campaign.

    Please check with VAN Support to see if you have the latest version of MiniVAN.

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