View shifts and signups

Learn how to access shift and signup data for your events as an organizer

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Head to the Events tab on your organization's dashboard to find a list of all upcoming, past, and promoted events on your organization's dashboard. You will be able to view upcoming shifts and the number of signups for all events on your dashboard, but will only have full access to data for events you own.

Events you own

Select an event that you own and scroll down to Shifts and Signups, then select a timeslot to view the timeslot details page. From the timeslot details page, you'll be able to see each signup's name and contact information, signup date, information in any additional fields, signup source, and signup status, like below:

You'll also be able to export your list of signups as a .CSV file and select a supporter's name to view their Supporter Profile.

Events owned by other dashboard users

For events hosted by other dashboard users, you'll be able to view the Shifts and Signups section to see the number of shifts and signups, but you won't be able to click in to the timeslot details page to view the actual signups, as seen below:

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