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Sync checkbox additional fields to VAN
Sync checkbox additional fields to VAN

Configure checkbox fields to apply activist codes to contact records in VAN! This feature also works for EveryAction and NGP committees.

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Why sync checkbox fields to VAN?

The volunteer data you capture with additional fields contains valuable information about your supporters! Sync checkboxes to activist codes to save that data on your volunteers' profiles, use it to pull lists, and more. Here are some examples of how you can use the integration:

  • Store waiver information and have a record of each volunteer's waiver status and the date they filled out the waiver.

    • Checkbox field: I've read and completed [organization name's] waiver > Activist code: waiver completed

  • Increase engagement by including a volunteer checkbox in your petition, pledge, and interest forms.

    • Checkbox field: Contact me about volunteering! > Activist code: volunteer: yes

  • Keep track of vital requirements like age, district, and more.

    • Checkbox field: I live in ward 4 > Activist code: ward 4 resident


✅ Your VAN committee is connected to your Mobilize dashboard;

✅ Your event types are configured in VAN and in the VAN Settings tab in your Mobilize dashboard;

✅ You have configured your Activist Codes in VAN the following way:

  • Scope: Public

  • Can Be Assigned or Removed is checked

  • Status: Active.

If all three things are true, you're ready to configure checkbox fields to apply Activist Codes!

Create a new checkbox field with Activist Codes

Step One: Managing additional fields

As an Admin, you can manage and add additional signup fields to your organization’s library. To get started, navigate to the Additional fields tab in your dashboard:

Step Two: Create a checkbox field

To create a new additional field, select Create new field. For each field you create, you will need to fill in the field name, label, and type. To create a field to apply an activist code in VAN, select the type Checkbox, seen below.

Step Three: Add activist codes to your checkbox field

When creating your checkbox field, navigate to Select Activist Codes under VAN Activist Code Settings and select the activist codes you'd like to apply in VAN for supporters who check this field when signing up for an event.

In the screencap below, the selected activist code "Snacks volunteer" is listed along with its VAN ID. You can assign as many activist codes to each checkbox field as you'd like.

After creating a new checkbox field, it will be visible in the Additional fields tab of your dashboard. To add an activist code to an existing checkbox field, select the Edit button next to the field, select the activist code you'd like to add, and then select Save edits when you're done.

Add additional signup fields to events

Once additional signup fields have been added to the Field library, admins and organizers will be able to add up to two additional fields when creating and editing events:

Mobilize signup forms already collect essential contact information like name, phone number, zip code, and email address, which will be pre-filled for any supporter who has taken action on Mobilize previously. Additional fields will always appear on the signup page under these standard fields, as seen below.

Access data collected from checkboxes in VAN

Attendees who check your checkbox field when signing up for your event will have the assigned activist code applied to their contact record in VAN.

Frequently Asked Questions

What troubleshooting steps can I take if an activist code isn't being applied to contact records as expected?

  • Confirm you have configured your Activist Codes in VAN the following way:

    • Scope: Public

    • Can Be Assigned or Removed is checked

    • Status: Active

  • Confirm the Event Type is configured in VAN Settings

  • Confirm the sign-up (s) in question were created after the activist codes were configured

  • Reach out to [email protected] or your organization's CSM for additional support

Can I retroactively sync activist codes from checkbox fields?

If you configure activist codes for checkbox fields after an event is created and sign-ups were added, only sign-ups that occur after the new configuration will have the activist code applied in VAN. If you change or delete an activist code, only sign-ups after that point will reflect the new settings. If you want to retroactively sync responses, please reach out to [email protected].

How do I know if an activist code came from a checkbox field in Mobilize?

There is no way to tell in VAN that an activist code came from a checkbox field in Mobilize, only that it was synced by Mobilize API. We encourage you to use unique activist codes for checkbox field responses if your organization wants to track the action that applied the activist code.

How can I provide feedback about this feature?

The Mobilize Ideas Portal is your direct line to Mobilize's product development team, allowing them to gather feedback and suggestions so that they may make improvements to Mobilize, with the goal of helping you and your supporters maximize your impact.

To access the Mobilize Ideas Portal, log in to your Mobilize dashboard and navigate to the "Feedback" link in the lower left of your screen.

Note: Currently, you must be an admin or organizer user with a paid Mobilize subscription to use the Ideas portal. If you cannot access the portal, please email [email protected] with any feedback.

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