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Manage account & notification settings
Manage account & notification settings

Learn how to manage your contact information, connected accounts, and notification settings!

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Navigate to account & notification settings

When logged in to Mobilize, users can access their account & notification settings from the Menu, like in the screencaps below.

Contact information

In this section, you'll be able to edit your first and last name, email address, phone number, ZIP code, and timezone. Select the pencil icon to begin editing. When you're done, select Update info to save your changes.


  • Mobilize and event organizers will contact you at the email address listed here.

  • If you are a user on a Mobilize dashboard (an Admin, Organizer, or Host), this is the email address you'll use to access your dashboard. If you'd like to access the dashboard using a different email address, you'll need to add yourself (if you're a dashboard Admin) or ask an Admin to add you under the new email address from the dashboard Users tab.

  • Note: Mobilize recognizes users as unique by email address, so it is possible for one person to have multiple user accounts, each under a different email address, but it is not possible to merge multiple user accounts.

Phone number:

  • Mobilize and event organizers will contact you via SMS at the phone number listed here.

  • To unsubscribe from SMS communications, reply STOP or STOPALL to any texts from Mobilize (30837).

ZIP code:

  • The ZIP code you set here determines what nearby events Mobilize will suggest to you on the action feed, in newsletters, and more.

  • If you're seeing event suggestions for the wrong location, check this setting!


  • The timezone set here determines what timezone is used for event timeslots in your event-related emails from Mobilize.

  • If you're receiving event registration emails for the wrong timezone, check this setting!

Connected accounts

You can log in to Mobilize using your Google account or a one-time magic link sent to your email address.

  • If you log in using Google, it will appear as a connected account in your account settings. Logging in using Facebook is currently unavailable.

  • If you log in using a magic link but would also like to create a Mobilize account linked to Google, you can link that here by selecting Link Google account.

Notification settings

From your notification settings, you can toggle on or off various Mobilize automated communications related to events you sign up for, and if you're a dashboard user, events on your organization's dashboard.

You can also unsubscribe from particular email types in the email footer. If you'd like to unsubscribe from all recruitment emails (but not event signup-related emails) from a specific organization, you can select Unfollow for that organization in your volunteer schedule.

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