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Empower your supporters to recruit their friends, family, and community to volunteer with them.

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📋 Overview

Organizations can now empower their supporters to reserve event capacity for family, friends, clubs, and school groups. Group Signup is a great way to encourage your supporters to think about people in their circle they might want to volunteer with. It’s also a great solution for events that require accurate counts for material preparation or where space is limited, and for events that families and community groups typically attend together.

Group signup can be enabled for virtual and in-person Scheduled Events.

📝 How to enable group signup

  1. When creating an event, find the section titled "Group signup and use the toggle to enable it.

  2. Next, specify the maximum number of additional signups a supporter can register with using the Group size limit.

Note: Supporters cannot sign up with a group size that exceeds the total max capacity set for a timeslot.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 How leaders can register and manage their group

Registering a group

Supporters can register a group from the event sign-up page by entering their contact information and adding their group size. Organizers will receive an email notification when a group leader registers, including the leader's name and the group's size.

After registering a group for the event, supporters are prompted to add their group members' information. We recommend that group leaders add as much contact info as they are able to so that their members receive information about the event via email. However, email, phone number, and zip code are not required for group members, making this a helpful feature for group members who do not have email addresses and group leaders who are in a hurry.

If group leaders choose not to add any information for a group member, the member will be considered an "unknown signup". Unknown signups still count toward the total registered number for the event.

Managing a group

From the volunteer schedule, group leaders can manage the following:

  • View and cancel group members

  • Add new group members within timeslot max capacity and group size limit restrictions

  • Access their group referral link so group members can add their own contact information to their registration

Below is a screencap of what group leaders see in their volunteer schedule. Learn more about group leader tools here.

💻 Viewing and editing group signup details as an event Organizer

Viewing group leaders and details in the dashboard

On the shift details page for your event, you can see which of your supporters are group leaders, which are group members, and detailed information about the composition of each group.

The group icon next to the group leader's name displays the number of group members including the group leader.

The group icon includes the following information:

  • Total members: Number of total group members including the group leader

  • Signed up: Number of group members who have contact information added to their registration, either by the group leader adding it or the group member signing up through the group referral link.

  • Unknown signups: Number of group members who have not added contact information to their registration. Unknown signups still count toward the total registered number for the event.

Editing group size

To edit the group size, click Edit group.

Editing attendance statuses

Event organizers can update the attendance status for group leaders and members just as they would regular attendees.

  • Canceling group members: When a group member's status is updated to "Cancelled" in the dashboard or by their group leader, the group size decreases by one.

  • Canceling group leaders: If the group leader's status is "Cancelled," group members with contact information will still be signed up, but the unknown sign-ups will be canceled.

Data and integrations


Group leaders and members sync with our integration partners just like regular signups. They are not currently added as supporter groups or with any other group identifier in VAN. If a feature like this would be helpful for you, please vote on it in our user feedback portal!

Group members who are added without an email address are still synced as well. In VAN, they will appear as a regular person record with as much contact information provided as possible. Unknown signups (group members without any contact information in Mobilize) will not be synced to VAN.


  • What are "unknown" group members?

    • Unknown signups are group members without contact information. Group leaders reserve a total number of signups for their group and can recruit members by adding their contact info themselves, or sharing their unique group signup link with their members. The group member will remain unknown if contact info is not added for them.

  • How do I use group sign up for attendees without emails?

    • After signing up, group leaders can add contact information for their members. Only first and last names are required for members, so the leader can provide as much or as little contact information as they want.

  • Can you sign groups up on interest forms or petitions?

    • Group signup is only available for scheduled events. It is not available for Interest Forms, Petitions, Anytime Actions, Fundraisers, etc.

  • What is the difference between the Groups and Group-sign-up features?

    • Good question! These are two different capabilities. Group signup is available for scheduled events, allowing supporters to bring a group to the event. Groups allow supports to sign up to stay connected with an organization, cause, or community on an ongoing basis. Learn more about Groups here.

  • If a member cancels, can the group leader replace them with another supporter?

    • Yes! If a group member cancels, leaders can always add another group member by adding their contact information as a new member. Leaders may need to increase their reservation size to add another group member, which is easy to do.

  • Can group leaders still sign up with a large group if the event is almost at capacity?

    • No. Let’s say the event has 18 signups, a maximum capacity of 20, and a maximum group size of 10. A group leader can only sign up with one group member.

  • What happens if a group member is already signed up for the event?

    • Right now, individual signups cannot be moved to a group. If you would like a feature like this, please vote on it in our user feedback portal!

  • Is there a way to “swap” group leaders?

    • There isn’t currently a feature to change or “swap” group leaders. If this is a feature you think your group leaders would use, vote on it in our user feedback portal!

  • What if a supporter signs up as an individual and then goes back to sign up again as a group leader?

    • Right now, it is not possible to retroactively become a group leader after signing up as an individual. If a feature like this would be helpful for you, please vote on it in our user feedback portal!

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