Clicking the "Users" tab on the dashboard menu will take you to a list of people who are able to edit the dashboard. To learn how to add a new user click here. When you add a new user, you can add them as an organizer, admin, host, or trusted host. Admins can access all of the same tools as the dashboard owner.

Organizers can:

  • Create events

  • Edit/delete their own events

  • View volunteer shift data

Organizers cannot: 

  • Promote other organizations or their events

  • Access VAN or VAN GOTV settings

  • Add or remove new users 

  • Change the settings of the dashboard

  • Export information on volunteers or events

Hosts and Trusted Hosts are volunteer permission tiers available under the distributed organizing feature. 

Hosts can:

  • Submit their own events, subject to campaign approval

  • Edit/delete their own events

Trusted Hosts can:

  • Submit their own events without campaign approval

  • Edit/Delete their own events

Hosts and Trusted Hosts cannot see or edit anything on the Mobilize platform outside of their own event.

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