Create an event campaign

This article will teach you how to set up event campaigns and set default event types, instructions, descriptions and images.

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Mobilize event campaigns allow your volunteers, supporters, and staff members to create and host their own events using a set of defaults you provide.

✨ NEW: Group campaigns allow your supporters to create their own groups that other supporters can join, so you can keep momentum going between events.

To learn more about event campaigns, visit these related resources:


Creating an event campaign

  • Navigate to "Event campaigns" in your dashboard (Admins only), then click or tap "Create new event campaign" to get started

  • Set your form’s title

  • Set the form slug. This is the URL that you can use to send the form to supporters

  • Add a form description, using Markdown to format the text.

  • Choose who can access the event campaign. Event campaigns are used by organizations for volunteer hosts to submit events and for organizations that are interested in templatizing their events.

  • Enter an email address associated with your organization. As a best practice, this email should go to an alias like events@<your organization>.com, and this inbox should be closely monitored.

  • Set your event instructions. After an event is approved, support your hosts by including instructions, resources, or other items by including it in the automated email Mobilize sends post-approval.

  • Select one or more event types for your event campaign. All event types selected here will be available to your hosts when they create their event.

  • Set a default event title. If you’re hoping for all events to use a certain naming convention, set a guideline here. We like using brackets so hosts know exactly where they should enter their information!

  • Set a default event description. If you’re hoping to strike a certain tone with your events, setting a description is a great way to do it!

  • Upload your event images. These rotate randomly and allow your organization to control which images are approved for your events.

  • Choose if your event will have date and time restrictions.

  • Opt to allow your hosts to create recurring events, or not! We suggest excluding this option if you are hosting a one time event, like a watch party.

  • Event campaigns can be customized on social media just like your feed. Read our guide on social sharing here.

Pre-filling your Host an Event forms

Use URL Params to pre-fill your Host an Event form with host information or a personalized event description when linking to your Host an Event form in host recruitment campaigns.

Available URL parameters to use are: event_description, host_first_name, host_last_name, host_phone, and host_email


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