This feature helps organizers re-engage volunteers after events and connect with individuals that missed out on attending!

Following each shift, volunteers registered for an event will receive an email and/or text message (if they opted into SMS) 1 hour after the end of the event asking them about their experience. Based on their response, Mobilize records their attendance as "Completed" or "No Show."

Volunteers will have 24 hours to complete the survey. If they didn't attend, they will be re-directed to your organization's events page in order to re-shift those volunteers. 

Email example:

Text example:

If a volunteer indicates they attended the event, they will be directed to their volunteer schedule with the option to add written feedback about the event.

This feature is on by default, and can be disabled in your event creation view under "Communications." You can also choose to add a custom message to the feedback survey email.

The "Organizer" permission level has permission to use this feature. If you would like to turn this feature off for your entire organization, please contact [email protected].

Where does this data live?

Event Shifts and Signups Export: This will include attendance data, positive and negative response data, and any written responses from volunteers.

Event Details Grid: Shows a breakdown of Registered, Confirmed, and Completed participants per shift. The far-right column will show total respondents and percentage of positive ratings.

Volunteer Profile: While users cannot see individual experience ratings or written feedback, self-reported attendance data is visible in the Volunteer tab of your dashboard - just click on a specific volunteer.

Using this feature with VAN:

  • If turned on, volunteer-reported attendance data will be sent to VAN. 

  • If turned off, all attendance data will come from VAN. 

  • If a volunteer doesn't respond, VAN attendance data will supplement self-reported attendance data in Mobilize.

  • Attendance will be written into VAN as "Completed" or "No Show." 

  • Organizers can overwrite volunteer-reported data within 3 days of the event. 

  • When VAN is used to supplement attendance data, Mobilize will only display those two statuses. 

  • Any promoting organizations with Promotions VAN sync turned on will have access to response data.

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