The Promote Organizations feature on MobilizeAmerica is one of the key features to help you grow your volunteer network - here's how:

  • When you promote a partner, the actions and events they've created will appear in your MobilizeAmerica events feed alongside your organization's own actions. 

  • In the below example, we've promoted the Iowa Democratic Party and Field Team 6, so their two events appear right under Obama for Congress's Saturday canvass. 

  • Whenever a supporter visits your MobilizeAmerica feed, they'll be able to see and take action with a wider range of actions - both yours and your partners' (you can also show only a subset of your partners' events as well - more on that later)

The same happens when a partner promotes you - your actions will now be available on their feed for their supporters to sign up for. 

Organizations and campaigns on our platform have used this feature to send supporters to help out with key electoral races up and down the ballot, build coalitions and collaborate on issue advocacy, and engage their supporters with a consistent flow of actions.

What if I only want to show some of my partners' actions? We've written a guide on this - read more here!

Ready to start growing your impact? Log on to the platform now and we'll walk you through promoting your first partner. Or, read more about it here.

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