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Use the post-shift follow up survey to collect attendance and feedback about your event
Use the post-shift follow up survey to collect attendance and feedback about your event
Mobilize can help you collect attendance data and rich qualitative feedback from your events
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The post-shift follow-up survey feature helps organizers re-engage volunteers after events and connect with individuals that missed out on attending!

Following each shift, volunteers registered for an event who have not cancelled or been marked as "no-show" prior to the event will receive an email and/or text message 1 hour after the end of the event asking them about their experience.

Based on their response, Mobilize records their attendance as "Completed" or "No Show." If a volunteer indicates that they didn't attend the event, they will be re-directed to your organization's events page to find another way to take action.

Email example:

SMS example:

If a volunteer indicates they attended the event, their attendance will be captured, and they will have the option to provide additional feedback about the event, either by replying to the text message or on the volunteer schedule, shown below:

How do I customize or disable the survey?

This feature is on by default, and can be disabled in the event edit/create view under "Communications."

You can also choose to add a custom message to the feedback survey email to give the message a more personal touch. This is a great place to include information like what your group achieved at the event, and whether it was a success!

Can I see the survey data collected for events I promote?

If you are promoting an event and the event owner has enabled the post-shift feedback survey, you will be able to see attendance data collected for those events, as well as attendance data collected by the organizer through other mechanisms. (see firewall exceptions).

Where can I find data the data collected by the post-shift survey?

Event Shifts and Signups Export: This will include attendance data, positive and negative response data, and any written responses from volunteers.

Event Details Grid: Shows a breakdown of Registered, Confirmed, and Completed participants per shift. The far-right column will show total respondents and percentage of positive ratings.

Volunteer Profile: While users cannot see individual experience ratings or written feedback, self-reported attendance data is visible in the Volunteer tab of your dashboard – just click on a specific volunteer to see their "Completed" and "No-show" shifts:

What if I need to do additional follow up after the survey is sent?

In addition to a customized post-shift survey, we recommend following up with attendees in one of two ways:

  1. To make a follow-up ask or highlight more events your attendees can sign up for, we recommend configuring event suggestions to be included in your automated five-days-later email. Learn more

Using this feature with VAN/EveryAction Sync

  • Any volunteer-reported attendance data collected through the survey will be stored in Mobilize and synced to VAN according to the mappings in your VAN Settings.

  • VAN attendance data can be used to supplement self-reported attendance data in Mobilize. In the case that a volunteer doesn't respond to the post-shift survey or an organizer hasn't entered their status in Mobilize, Mobilize will display attendance statuses synced from VAN.

  • VAN statuses will be synced to Mobilize to fill gaps in attendance data for up to 3 days following the event.

  • Any promoting organizations** with Promotions VAN sync turned on will have attendance data for the events they are promoting synced to VAN.

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** Organizations promoting other across the campaign finance firewall––for example an organization making Independent Expenditures promoting a coordinated campaign––will not be able to see attendance data or feedback collected on behalf of the event owner.

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