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Volunteer Host Permission Levels
Volunteer Host Permission Levels

This article will cover the distinctions between Trusted Host and Host.

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Your organization has complete control over volunteer permission levels, managing them the same way as you would for other Mobilize users in the Dashboard. 

To learn more about event campaigns, see articles on Volunteer Event Creation, Volunteer Dashboard and Data and Event Campaigns.

With event campaigns, volunteers are able to view and manage their own events in the dashboard, or events that they are co-hosting.

There are two levels of permissions that you can grant to volunteers: Host and Trusted Host.

For event campaigns that require approval, the following permissions will apply:

Trusted Hosts... 

  • Can edit all fields in the event after approval.

  • Can create new events without needing approval by an Admin for the event to be published.

  • This is the perfect permission level for a super volunteer who will be hosting events regularly 


  • Can only edit date, time and location in their hosted events after they have been approved

  • Can create new events in the Dashboard, but they must be approved by an Admin before they are published to your feed.

  • This is the perfect permission level for a volunteer who you haven’t met yet

For event campaigns that are set to "No approval needed", all event owners (hosts and trusted hosts) are able to edit all fields on the event, both before and after the events are created. You can adjust this setting in an event campaign under the heading "who can approve events":

By default, all new volunteers will be given the "Host" permission until you change their permissions in the "Users" tab of your dashboard, or click "Approve + trust host" at the top of an event that they have submitted:

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