Volunteers using the event campaign feature feel like they are a part of your organization by accessing our abbreviated Volunteer Dashboard. 

Learn how to set up event campaigns, how volunteers can create their own events and how to set volunteer user permissions while approving hosted events. 


Logging in to the Volunteer Dashboard

Once volunteers submits an event for approval, they are prompted to verify their email.  Once they confirm their email or login with Facebook from the event creation form, the user is taken to the volunteer dashboard. Their event is visible in the Awaiting Approval tab in your Dashboard, where it can be reviewed by an Admin to either approve, edit or decline the event. 

The verification process also gives volunteer hosts access to view their event in the volunteer version of the Dashboard. 

For future access to their dashboard volunteers can navigate to mobilize.us/dashboard. If they're logged out, they have the option of logging in via Facebook or email.

Using the Volunteer Dashboard 

Once volunteers log in to their Mobilize Dashboard, they will only see the Events section, populated with only the events they have created and the associated approval status. Unpublished events have NOT yet been approved by an Admin while Published events HAVE been approved.

From the Volunteer Dashboard, hosts can edit their event, delete their event, manage email notifications and create new events.

Trusted Hosts are able to edit all fields of their event. Hosts that have not yet been trusted can only edit time, date and location. To learn more about Volunteer Permission levels click here.

Once the volunteer-created event has been approved and people start signing up, Volunteer Dashboard users are able to view a list of attendees by clicking the hyperlinked name of the event from their Dashboard. Like other Dashboard users, they then have the option to export a csv of event attendees or view attendees by shift.

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