Blocking Sign-ups

Admins can block Supporters and Volunteer Hosts from future events.

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📋 Overview

There are plenty of reasons why your organization might want to cut ties with a supporter. Read on to learn how to block supporters, how blocking will impact the supporter's experience with your organization, and how blocked users' data will appear in your dashboard.

If you'd like to remove an Admin or Organizer, read our documentation here.

Here is a summary of the impact of blocking a supporter from your organization:

  • Blocked users will still be able to browse your events feed and view public information about the event.

  • However, they will not see the share/donate modal and will not receive any of Mobilize's automated email or text confirmations.

  • They will not be able to join virtual events.

  • Their attendance will not be recorded in your dashboard.

  • If you unblock a user, they can attend your events again, and their future attendance data will appear normally in your dashboard.

🚫 How to block users

Admins can block anyone by going to their supporter profile.

In your Supporters tab, find and select for the supporter you want to block.

Select the "Block [user name]" button beneath their name.

Select "Block" in the confirmation pop-up to finish blocking the user.

You will see an icon next to the blocked user's name in the future. You can also see all of your blocked users in the "Blocked" section of the Supporters tab.

To unblock the user, go back to their Supporter profile and select "Unblock [user name" at any time.


Who can block people?

Admins only. Organizers cannot edit anything on the Supporters tab.

What happens when blocked people try to sign up?

To the blocked supporter, it will look like they have signed up for the event successfully. However, they will not see the share/donate modal and will not receive any of Mobilize's automated email or text confirmations. The signup won’t be created in your dashboard.

What happens when blocked people try to host an event?

The event won’t be submitted to your dashboard, and the supporter will not be added to your dashboard as a Host. However, to the blocked user, it will appear as though it was submitted and is awaiting verification, though they will not receive the verification email.

What happens to a blocked person’s existing signups and events?

Blocked user attendances are removed from past shift details pages, registration counts, and event-related CSVs. If they are a Host, their Host membership and any future events will be removed. Blocked Hosts will not be able to access their events in your dashboard.

To view a blocked user’s event history, visit their profile in the Supporters tab.

If a blocked user's signups have synced to VAN, the attendance statuses will updated to cancelled. You can find more information about event and signup deletion in VAN here.

Can I view a blocked user's event history?

Yes. To view a blocked user’s event history, visit their profile in the Supporters tab.

Do we restore existing attendances and events when someone is unblocked?

No. If you unblock a user, their historical attendance data will not reappear in events they’ve attended in the past. Blocked Hosts' events will not be restored. However, once a user is unblocked, future event signups and event campaign submissions will record and behave normally in the dashboard.

Where can I get data on blocked people?

CSV export of volunteers, public API at list organization people, SQL mirror in the participations and users views. In our dashboard, all blocked users' email addresses and event history is listed in their profile (available in the Supporters tab).

My organization operates across multiple dashboards. Can I block this user once and have it take affect across all my dashboards?

No, you will need to block this user on your dashboards individually.

🗒 A quick note

Safety is important for running successful events and ensuring all attendees are comfortable. To ensure platform safety, all Mobilize Admins can block any user from their organization for any reason.

While user blocking is reversible, it significantly impacts a user's experience with your organization. Therefore, we recommend having a framework and process that Admins can refer back to when deciding to block a user. Should there be an approval process? A list of criteria to run through before taking the action? It's up to your organization to decide.

❓Have more questions about blocking users? Reach out to our customer support team at [email protected]!

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