There are plenty of reasons why your organization might need or want to stop someone from receiving messages from Mobilize. Read on to find out how to block volunteer and volunteer hosts. 

If you'd like to remove an admin or organizer, read our documentation here.

How do I block someone?

Find the volunteer you want to block on your dashboard's Volunteers tab.

Click “Block user”, then confirm on the modal

They should now show up with a 🚫icon. From this tab, users can be unblocked by selecting the arrow in the Actions column.

Who can block people?

Only admins. Organizers do not have the ability to edit anything on the Volunteers tab, and won’t see the Actions column

What happens when blocked people try to sign up?

To the now-blocked user, it will look like they have signed up for the event successfully, but they will not see the share/donate modal and will not receive any of Mobilize's automated email or text confirmations. The signup won’t be created on our backend. 

What happens when blocked people try to host an event?

The event won’t be created on our backed. They will not be added as a host to the organization.

It will look to them like their event was created though it’ll always want verification they won’t receive the verification email.

What happens to a blocked person’s existing signups and events?

Their existing signups will be cancelled, their existing events will be deleted, and if they were in the organization as a host, that membership will be removed. If signups have synced from Mobilize to VAN, they will behave as if the event or signup is cancelled. You can find more information about event and signup deletion in VAN here.

Do we restore existing signups and events when someone is unblocked?

No, the information for a blocked volunteer is removed from your Mobilize dashboard once the user is blocked.

Where can I get data on blocked people?

CSV export of volunteers, public API at list organization people, SQL mirror in the participations and users views. In our dashboard, all blocked email addresses will be listed on the Blocked section of our Volunteers tab.

My organization operates across multiple dashboards. Can I block this user once and have it take affect across all my dashboards?

No, you will need to block this user on each of your dashboards individually.

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