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Increase donations from supporters with post-signup fundraising asks
Increase donations from supporters with post-signup fundraising asks

You can now fundraise for your organization directly on Mobilize using ActBlue, PayPal, and other payment links. Ready? Let's get FUNDED!

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Research shows that volunteers are twice as likely to donate to your organization, and volunteers who donate to your cause are retained at higher rates. Mobilize automates in-app and email donation asks at key moments throughout the volunteer experience, including immediately after a supporter signs up for an event, when they confirm or cancel their RSVP, and when they provide positive feedback after an the event.

We have found that:

  • 13% of supporters shown the donation prompt initiate a donation.

  • The average donation initiated hovers around $31.

Continue reading to learn how to set up post-signup fundraising asks, which redirect to your existing contribution forms and work with ANY fundraising platform!

Looking to capture contributions directly on Mobilize, or as part of an RSVP for an event? Check out our Guide to Fundraising on Mobilize with EveryAction ➡️

Configuring Your Donation Form & Donation Amounts

  • Step 1: Navigate to your dashboard Fundraising Settings tab, and locate the Post-signup donations section.

  • Step 2: Copy the link to your contribution form and paste it into Donation link. This link can be from any platform, but the most popular providers are EveryAction, ActBlue, Classy, and PayPal.

  • Step 3: (Optional) Set the Custom donation organization name to the name of your recipient organization, if you wish to direct donations to another organization or social cause.

  • Step 4: (Optional, but recommended!) Set specific donation ask amounts by typing values into Donation amounts (without the dollar sign). When specific amounts are provided, Mobilize will also provide an option to select an 'Other' amount.

ℹ️ If you are using an ActBlue, EveryAction, or Classy donation link, you can skip the next step. Mobilize pre-fills amounts automatically for these platforms.

  • Step 5: (Required if specifying donation amounts) Provide a donation query parameter to allow Mobilize to pre-fill donation amounts on your contribution form. For platforms that support pre-filling a donation amount via a URL, you will need to supply the part of the URL that is used to specify the donation amount to pre-fill. For a link that has a $10 contribution pre-selected, the URL may contain a piece of text like ?amount=10, and the amount is the piece of the URL that you will provide to Mobilize.

  • Step 5: Click Update to save changes.

Configuring Your Events to Ask For Donations

Now that you have configured your post-signup fundraising settings, it's time to enable the donation post-signup ask on an event.

  • Step 1: Navigate to edit view for the event that you want to enable the post-signup donation prompts for.

  • Step 2: Scroll until After supporters sign up for this event, Mobilize can ask them to... is in view.

Screenshot: After supporters sign up for this event, Mobilize can ask them to... [OPTIONS] Bring a friend - 14.3% of signups on Mobilize come from "Bring a friend" prompts and Make a donation - 20% of supporters on Mobilize click to donate when prompted
  • Step 3: To request a donation after a volunteer has signed up for an event, enable Make a Donation.

  • Step 5: Click Update to save changes.

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