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Overview: Guide to Fundraising with Mobilize and EveryAction
Overview: Guide to Fundraising with Mobilize and EveryAction

Our EveryAction integration allows you to collect contributions directly on Mobilize, request donations as part of an event signup, and more

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This article is part of our Guide to Fundraising on Mobilize with EveryAction


Mobilize's EveryAction integration for fundraising allows you to host fundraising campaigns and events on Mobilize, providing a seamless unified supporter experience for your volunteers and donors.

By hosting fundraising events and actions on Mobilize, you can:

  • Expand your donor base through our bring-a-friend prompts, and promotion on partner feeds and Mobilize.Us

  • Generate more action more easily with automated event and online action suggestions after a supporter makes a donation

  • Generate powerful reports and insights in realtime, with contributions made visible in your EveryAction instance instantly.

Getting started

Before your organization starts fundraising with EveryAction & Mobilize, you will need to create at least one EveryAction Contribution form and link it to your Mobilize dashboard:

Fundraising campaigns

Fundraising campaigns allow you to place donation asks directly in your Mobilize feed alongside other events and actions, in your weekly automated newsletter, on partner feeds through cross-promotion, and on Mobilize.Us.

Supporters will be able to complete their contribution without leaving Mobilize, with credit cards and other details pre-filled from FastAction, and receive automated nudges to share the campaign with friends and sign up for further actions.

Fundraising events (donate-to-RSVP)

When creating a new in-person or virtual event, supporters can be asked to make a suggested or required contribution during the signup process.

Like events and other fundraising campaigns, these fundraising-enabled events will be able to appear in your feed on Mobilize.Us and in automated event suggestions.

Supporters will receive automated event reminders and follow-up messages that have been optimized to help ensure they show up, bring friends, and come back again and again. The organizers of your fundraising events will also have access to the same messaging, reporting and check-in tools that we've developed for non-fundraising events.

Fundraising event campaigns (distributed or peer-to-peer fundraising)

Empower your supporters to fundraise on your behalf by letting them host their own virtual or in-person fundraising events.

With our intuitive hosting and sharing tools, supporters can quickly create a branded fundraising event using your default settings, share the details with their networks, and collect contributions seamlessly. Automated notifications and nudges along the way help them raise more and keep track of their progress.

For fundraising events, hosts can additionally take advantage of 1:1 messaging and chat tools to keep their attendees engaged before and after the event.

Mobilize's distributed/peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities are powered by EveryAction, so contributions collected by your fundraisers appear instantly in EveryAction!

💬 This is a new Mobilize feature, and as always we're looking for your ideas and feedback. Let us know what you think

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