How to Configure Chat

Chat allows your attendees to connect and collaborate

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As part of our ongoing effort of fostering community around important issues, our new group chat feature allows attendees and organizers to message each other via email, beginning 48 hours before the event.

Attendees can only see each other’s first names and last initials, and email addresses are anonymized. Chat can be configured per dashboard, event, or timeslot.

What does chat look like?

If chat is enabled, the kickoff message will be sent 48 hours before the timeslot begins, and will suggest prompts to chat recipients!

All event responses will display with the sender's first name and last initial:

How can I moderate chat?

The event creator will see the Control Panel in the footer of each chat message. Here you'll find useful links, like emailing an individual privately, removing an email sender from the chat thread, blocking an individual from all of your organization's events, or shutting down the thread entirely.

After the event has happened, the event creator can opt to shut down the chat by clicking the link in any email.

** TIP: We suggest sending a final message thanking your supporters and encouraging them to sign up for another event! **

How can I configure chat for my organization?

Per dashboard on the Settings tab:

Per event when creating or editing the event:

Per timeslot:

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