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How to provide detailed accessibility information on Mobilize
How to provide detailed accessibility information on Mobilize

Help supporters of all abilities know if they can comfortably attend

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Making your event or action accessible to people of all abilities improves the overall experience for everyone, and ensures your message can reach as many people as possible.
During event creation for virtual and in-person events, as well as online action creation, Mobilize provides organizers and volunteer hosts many options to let supporters know what accessibility features are available. If you need some inspiration, check out our best practices guide for providing accessibility information.
Have a suggestion for improvements to this guide, or tips for organizing accessible events? We'd love to hear it: [email protected]

Table of contents

Does your event/venue meet ADA standards?

Check this box if the location and accommodations for your event or action meets ADA standards. When this box checked, supporters will be able to search your organization's feed to find ADA-compliant actions, and Mobilize prominently displays an indicator on the signup page.
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What accessibility features does your event have?

Check these boxes to indicate what accessibility features are available at your event or action. Supporters can filter your feed using these features, and these features will be shown on the signup page.

What other accessibility details should supporters know about?

Screenshot of the Mobilize event creation form highlighting where to put additional accessibility details, alongside where that information appears on the event details page

Use this section to fill in any other details that will help clarify the rest of the accessibility information you've provided. These notes are displayed prominently on the signup page, along with information about how to contact the organizer for questions or accommodations.

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