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Create an event as a host

Found an organization you'd like to support by hosting an event? Follow this guide to make sure your event gets approved!

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Pre-creation Checklist:

  • Does the organization you wish to host events with offer volunteer-host training? If yes, have you attended the training?

  • If the event you're hosting is virtual, do you have a Zoom link? Or has the organization communicated that they will add a Zoom link for you later?

  • If you have co-hosts, do you have their correct emails?

If it's three yeses in a row, you're good to go!

The following instructions are for supporter-hosted events. The organization you're hosting with may have additional instructions!

Step 1: Create your event signup page

Note: You can also edit any event details after creating your page.

  • Basic info: Add event title and custom description.

  • Visibility: Select "Public" or "Private" as appropriate.

  • Location: For in-person events, add a complete street address. For virtual events, you can add a zip code or city/state to show the event to supporters in a particular location.

  • Date & time: Add an event date, start and end times, and video call link if applicable.

  • Communications: Add your phone number and any details you'd like to appear in the automated post-signup emails sent to attendees.

  • Accessibility: Check the applicable ADA standards and accessibility features boxes and provide any additional details. Be sure to check out our best practices for accessibility information!

  • Group chat: Toggle on if you would like to allow event organizers and attendees to communicate about the event via email.

  • Who else is hosting this event with you? Use the "Add a co-host" button to add as many co-hosts as you'd like. Co-hosts can edit event details and view the host dashboard. You can also add co-hosts after creating the event.

  • Finalize event creation: If you're not logged in, select from Continue with Facebook, Google, or email. If you're already logged in, simply click the Host this event button!

  • Check your email! Even if your event has not been approved by a dashboard admin, you can edit the event details. You'll receive another email notifying you once your event is approved.

Step 2: Invite signups

Copy and paste the event share link to share it by email, social media, text, or anywhere you like. You can also utilize Mobilize's integrated share buttons on the event signup page!

Step 3: Manage your hosted event

Events you have submitted can be accessed at any time via the link sent to your email.

You can also directly access the host dashboard of any organization to which you have submitted an event. Just click on Menu when on any surface and select the name of the organization from the drop-down modal.

In the dashboard you can select:

  • "Email attendees" to contact registrants with any updates;

  • "Edit" to edit event details; and

  • "More" to email hosts, change primary host, or delete your event.

Additionally, in the Shifts and Signups section at the bottom of your event details page, you can export signups, or click on the date and time of your event to:

  • View the automated messaging that registrants will receive;

  • Customize the follow-up emails (and add your fundraising page link);

  • Edit video call information;

  • Email attendees;

  • Add a new attendee manually; and

  • View, export, and edit signups (as canceled, registered, or confirmed).

Lingering questions? You can reach out to the organization you'd like to host with, or email Mobilize Support.

Mobilize Support would like to thank Movement Voter PAC for their help in the creation of this Help Desk resource. The majority of the directions in this article were written by Zo Tobi of MVP.

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