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Admins can add and remove Users on their organization's dashboard

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After you log in to your dashboard, you are ready to begin creating events and adding users. In this article, you will learn about adding users to your dashboard and the different tiers of permission you can grant to your added users.

If you'd like to add Organizers or Admins to your dashboard, go to the Users tab in your dashboard and add their name and email to your account.

In the Role section, the listed roles determine which responsibilities will be granted to this user. From the drop-down menu, select which role you would like to assign the user. Then click Add/Invite to add them to your dashboard. The user will then be notified of their invitation via email.

A user that is a designated Organizer can only edit events that they are owners of within the dashboard. A user that is a designated Admin is able to edit any event in your dashboard.

In order for another user to edit your dashboard, they must have "Admin" role. 

To delete users, click the red button in line with their email address.
If they have any upcoming events, the events will need to be assigned to someone else before the user can be deleted.

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