Promoting a Single Event or Action
How to promote a single event, action, petition, etc...
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What are promotions?

Promotions are a way to feature actions hosted by other organizations, in your Mobilize feed. There are three ways you can promote:

How to Promote a Single Action

Promoting a single action overrides all of your organization-level promotions and filters, and forces that action to be promoted. So, if you were filtering out events of a certain type, and the event you’d like to promote matches that type, it will still be promoted.

1. Go to a supporter facing version of the action

You’ll always promote the original owning organization’s version of the event, regardless of what supporter-facing version of the action you promote (including ones that other organizations are promoting).

2. Tap the “Promote this action” button below the signup form

If you are logged out, you will need to log in. If the button is greyed out and says “Your organizations are either already promoting or are not eligible to promote this event” when you hover over it, check the list of frequently asked questions.

3. Select the organizations you are an Admin for that would like to promote the action

If you don’t see an organization that you think you should see then check the list of frequently asked questions.

4. Tap Promote

Voila! You now promote this event in your feed. Go to the “Promoted” tab of your events list to see the event in your dashboard.

How to Stop Promoting a Single Action

When you stop promoting a single action (aka “hide from feed”), your organization-level promotions and filters are overridden, and the action is no longer promoted. Even if you are promoting the rest of the organization’s events, the specific action will not be promoted.

1. Go to the “Promoted” section in the “Events” tab

2. Choose the ▼ in the “Actions” section on the event you want to stop promoting

3. Tap “Hide from feed”


1) What if I can’t click on the Promote button or I don’t see an organization in the list of options to promote?

There are multiple possible reasons, please double check each of the following:

  • You are not an admin - Double check that you are an Admin for the organization you want to promote for. Organizers and Volunteer Hosts cannot promote events. Learn more about the difference between permission tiers here.

  • The firewall - Only certain types of organizations can promote each other. For example, Coordinated organizations are not allowed to promote Independent Expenditure (IE) organizations.

  • Your organization is already promoting - Double check you aren’t already promoting the event. You can see which events you are promoting by going to the Promoted sub tab of the Events tab of your dashboard.

Check out the other articles on Promotions or reach out to [email protected] with questions!

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