Upon registering for an event, an attendee will receive an email and SMS confirmation of their registration with the event details. 


One day before the event date, at 11am in the time zone of the event, an automated email and SMS message (if an attendee has opted into SMS) will be sent to all attendees who are registered for the event. This email and the SMS provide an option for the attendee to either select “Confirm” they are going to attend the event or “Cancel” their registration for the event. 

Day-of Reminder

On the day of the event, at 8am in the time zone of the event, an automated email will be sent out to all “Confirmed” and “Registered” attendees, reminding them about the event and including event details. There is no SMS sent day-of. If the event occurs before 8am, or is created after 8am for the same day, there will be no day-of reminder email.

Post-Shift Feedback

After the event has occurred an email and SMS (if an attendee has opted into SMS) is sent to all attendees who were “Confirmed” or “Registered.” This communication is sent one hour after the end of the shift and collects the attendance of the attendee (“Attended” or “No Show”) as well as feedback on the event (a rating and feedback).

Event Change Notification

If an event’s location or time is changed, or if the event is deleted, an automated email will be sent to all event attendees with the status “Registered” and “Confirmed.” The email is sent immediately once an event is updated, and will include any updated information if it was a location or time change. For deleted events, the email will alert the attendee of the event being canceled, and offer the organization's Mobilize events feed for other upcoming events.

Note: The Mobilize user making these edits can optionally add a message to the notification. In addition, this function can be disabled if there is no desire to send an automated email. 

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