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Register Mobilize signups for Zoom meetings and Webinars automatically
Register Mobilize signups for Zoom meetings and Webinars automatically

Connect Mobilize and Zoom to seamlessly register Mobilize signups for Zoom meetings and Webinars.

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Integration Overview

Create a seamless virtual supporter experience by connecting your organization’s Zoom license to your Mobilize dashboard.

Once connected to Zoom:

  • Organizers can add Zoom meeting IDs to Mobilize events to automatically register supporters for Zoom meetings and Webinars.

  • Mobilize sends personalized Zoom links to your supporters to help keep event details secure.

This integration will be FREE to Basic, Core, Pro, and Enterprise partners through 2023. You're battling a pandemic, fighting for racial justice, and campaigning in the most important election of our lives—we're here to help you win.

Contact your Client Success Manager or [email protected] to get access!

Connecting Zoom to your Mobilize dashboard

Once the Zoom is enabled for your organization, follow these simple steps to connect your Mobilize account to Zoom:

  • Go to<your_org>/zoom/Click on “Connect Zoom account."

  • This will take you to a Zoom page where you can authorize the Mobilize app. The app can also be installed directly from the Zoom marketplace by any admin on your Zoom account.

  • After authorizing, you should be taken back to the Mobilize dashboard in Zoom settings.

  • Click “Enable” to start using the Zoom integration.

For common installation issues, see the Installation Troubleshooting Guide below.

Using the Mobilize <> Zoom integration for your events

1. Setting up your meeting or Webinar in Zoom

  • Create a new Meeting or Webinar in Zoom,

  • or use the meeting ID or link for an existing Meeting/Webinar to connect with Mobilize.

  • Ensure that custom fields are not enabled in Zoom.

The Zoom Meeting or Webinar must be created by a user using the same license that is linked to your Mobilize dashboard.

Recurring meetings/webinars

Mobilize does not currently support registration for recurring Zoom meetings, so opt for one of the following:

  1. Ensure that your Zoom meeting is a single-occurrence meeting,

  2. or that a recurring meeting is configured and “Attendees register once and can attend any of the occurrences" is selected.

To check or edit your settings, in Zoom, click “edit this meeting."

  • Create a one-time virtual event for a meeting that won't be happening regularly or a recurring virtual event.

  • When adding/editing video call information for a shift, add a Zoom URL or Meeting/Webinar ID to the shift.

  • If the meeting/webinar requires registration, the ID must be used.

  • A Zoom URL can also be pasted into the field for events that do not require registration.

Find the Webinar ID or URL here:

Add the information here:

Once you paste in your Zoom ID for a meeting or Webinar requiring registration, we will check the meeting details and confirm that attendees will be pre-registered for the meeting:

Or, if you're using a regular Zoom link that does not require registration, we will confirm that attendees will simply be sent this link to join:

3. Mobilize signups → Zoom registration

  • When someone signs up in Mobilize to a shift time that has a Zoom ID and requires registration, they are automatically registered to the Zoom meeting/webinar.

4. Disable Zoom notifications

To prevent confusion, disable automatic notifications from Zoom in your Zoom account settings.

For one webinar:

  • Go to the webinar in Zoom, and under "Email Settings," click Edit next to "Confirmation Email Sent to Registrants."

  • Deselect "Send Confirmation Email to Registrants" and Save.

  • Do the same for any Reminder Emails listed.

For all Webinars:

  1. In the navigation menu, click Account Management. then Webinar Settings.

  2. Scroll down to the Email Settings section.

  3. Click Edit next to the settings for "Confirmation Email to Registrants."

  4. Deselect "Send Confirmation Email to Registrants" and Save.

  5. Do the same for any Reminder Emails listed.

Uninstalling Zoom

To disconnect Zoom from your Mobilize account, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to<your_org>/zoom/.

  • Click “Disconnect account."

  • This will immediately deauthorize your Zoom account and prevent any further attendees from being registered for your Zoom meetings.

To completely uninstall the Mobilize app from your Zoom account, follow the instructions below:

  • Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

  • Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Mobilize app.

  • Click the Mobilize app.

  • Click Uninstall.

Troubleshooting Zoom

1. Authorization

  • “You cannot authorize the app" means you do not have the permissions to install the Mobilize App for your Organization's Zoom account.

  • Contact an Admin on your Zoom Account and ask them to install the Mobilize app from the Zoom Marketplace

2. Syncing registrations

  • If Mobilize attendees are not being automatically registered for a Zoom meeting, check meeting settings in Zoom to make sure that you have the correct Zoom Meeting ID.

  • If your Zoom meeting is recurring, check that the option for registration is set to “Attendees register once and can attend any of the occurrences."

  • Mobilize currently does not support Zoom custom questions and custom fields such as City and State; ensure that those are turned off in your Zoom meeting or Webinar.

3. Other

  • If the integration isn't working properly, check that your Meeting is in the same Zoom License (does not have to be the same account) as the one that is connected to your Mobilize dashboard. A warning will be displayed when you enter your Zoom Meeting ID if the meeting was not created by a user within the same Zoom license:

  • Confirm which account you set up your Zoom Meeting or Webinar in by clicking “Account Profile” in your Zoom dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I record who attended my Zoom events?
    Mobilize can automatically capture attendance when a supporter clicks or taps the "link to join" for all virtual events – not just Zoom events! The "automated check-in" feature can be enabled in your organization Settings page (requires admin access).

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