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How to set up volunteer self-check-in for in-person events
How to set up volunteer self-check-in for in-person events

Allow event attendees and volunteers to check in via email before or during an event

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Use the self-check-in feature to automatically capture attendance data from event attendees and volunteers. Supporters will be sent an email one hour before the event starts reminding them of the event's location and asking them to check in when they arrive, reducing the need for data entry during and after the event!

Read on to learn how to enable self-check-in for in-person events.
For virtual events, check out automated check-in for virtual events.


Turn on check-in for an in-person event

  1. Navigate to the Events tab and select the event you’d like to enable check-in for

  2. In the edit view, toggle the button titled “Check-in message, one hour before the event” (located in the Communications section)

When this setting is enabled, Mobilize will send check-in emails to supporters one hour before your in-person event.

Check-in emails

One hour prior to the event or shift start, attendees that are either registered or confirmed (not cancelled) will receive the following email asking them to check in.

Clicking “Check in when you arrive” marks the signup's status as “Completed,” and “Cancel RSVP” marks the signup's status as “Canceled." Both links redirect the signup to their volunteer schedule page.

* Note that the supporter's attendance status will be updated if they check-in or cancel starting one hour before the event until the end time of the event.

If your event also has a virtual join link (for events that supporters can join either in person or online), attendees will instead receive the following email indicating that only supporters attending in person need to check in.

Supporters attending online will be checked in automatically by clicking through the join link in their email & SMS reminders. Learn more about automated virtual check-in.

What if an attendee doesn't check in, or hasn't registered in advance?

Enable the post-event survey to make sure all attendees receive an email and SMS message after the event asking them for their feedback. Mobilize also uses this survey to collect additional attendance data. Learn more

If a supporter didn't register in advance but walked in or attended as a guest, they can always use your signup page to register themselves during the event, or you can add the signup to the event directly from your dashboard. Read how to add an attendee in your dashboard

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