This feature can be enabled for your dashboard on request – reach out to [email protected]!

Use the self-check-in feature to automatically capture attendance data from event attendees and volunteers. Read on to learn how to turn on self-check-in for in-person events.

Turn on check-in for an in-person event

  1. Go to the Events tab and select the event you’d like to enable check-in for

  2. In the edit view, toggle the button titled “Check-in message, one hour before the event”

Enabling this setting causes one of the below emails to send, but it does not send any new SMS.

Check-in emails

One hour prior to the shift start, attendees will receive the following email.

Clicking “Check in when you arrive” marks the signup's status as “Completed,” and “Cancel RSVP” marks the signup's status as “Canceled." Both links redirect the signup to their volunteer schedule page.

*Note that the supporter's attendance status will update if they check-in or cancel starting one hour before the event until the end time of the event.

If the timeslot has a virtual join link, attendees will instead receive the following email.

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