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Week of 1/18

🕐 Weekly Office Hours for all Admin and Organizer users beginning Tuesday 1/19

  • Mobilize will be offering a space for folks to ask the Mobilize team questions, learn about new features, and hopefully drive a peer to peer learning experience. Here how to join!

Week of 12/7

Custom Fields can now be made mandatory on an event signup form.

  • When creating an event you can now choose to make a Custom Field required during the event signup process! This will help you better capture critical pieces of information from supporters

Week of 11/30

Mobilize joins the EveryAction family!

Read more about how we got here and what's in store for the future on our company blog.

Week of 11/9

Odds & ends

  • 🐛 Fixed a VAN integration bug which caused some signups to appear in a different shift time in VAN if a timeslot is added to an existing non-GOTV Mobilize event before or between pre-existing shift times on the same day.
  • Show both start and end times on event details page for events with only one shift time, and improve the display of events where the times are different on different days
  • Make “Link to join” and information on joining a virtual event more prominent in the calendar invites that are sent to registered attendees automatically

Week of 11/2

Election Day! 🗳️🇺🇸

2020 election volunteer mobilization by the numbers →

Week of 10/26

Small changes and fixes

  • Improved the ordering of events on the volunteer’s public schedule (accessed through "Menu" > "My volunteer schedule" when logged in)
  • 🐛 Bug fix: Fixed an issue preventing in-progress shifts from being shown on the volunteer’s record in the dashboard
  • 🐛 Bug fix: Filtering an events feed by State now returns virtual events with a location in that state as well as in-person events

Week of 10/19

Now you can configure a dynamic list of events to display to supporters after they sign up for an event, or in your weekly automated newsletter. Suggestions can be generated based on the same criteria that can be used to search your Mobilize feed (including tags, event campaign, event type, date range, location, and more!), so they're perfect for:

  • Weekends of Action (date range search)
  • GOTV (campaign search)
  • Recruiting for training events (event type search)

When you include a feed search in your custom suggestions, we'll personalize the results for each supporter, showing them the most relevant results based on information like their location and past attendance history. Learn more

👩‍🍳 Add specific events and actions to your weekly automated newsletter

Now you can add up to six specific events and actions to your Weekly Automated Newsletter, just like customizing the event suggestions for an individual event. You can also add any pre-filtered “feed link” to populate the suggestions dynamically based on tags, event campaign, event type, or other criteria! Learn more

Smaller changes

  • If you are logged in as the host or co-host of an event or online action, you will now see an “Edit event” link on the public-facing event page. Click the link to go straight to the editing page on the dashboard for that event. Cool, huh?
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug preventing some partners from requesting promotion from certain above-the-wall/non-aligned partners
  • We've made a few updates to our Public API and SQL mirror based on feedback from you, our partners and users!

Week of 10/12

🤝 With co-hosts, multiple organizers or volunteer hosts can manage signups and receive notifications about an event

Event creators can make other users or volunteers co-hosts of their events, making it easy to share event planning, recruitment, and volunteer management responsibilities with a co-worker or volunteer without changing their permission level. Replies to chats and event registration emails will now be sent to all event hosts. To learn more, read our guides on co-hosting and co-hosting for volunteer hosts.

♿︎ Event pages display event accessibility information and contact information more clearly

Accessibility notes provided by the organizer during event creation are now displayed more prominently on the event details pages, along with information about how to contact the organizer for questions or accommodations. Supporters can also search Mobilize or any partner's feeds for events that meet ADA standards, according to the event host.

🙋🏿‍♂️ The Volunteers tab in your dashboard is now the Supporters tab, and includes more information about social connections and filters to help you identify highly-engaged supporters

Changes to the Supporters (formerly Volunteers) view include:

  • Displaying total number of signups as well as bring-a-friend referrals for each supporter. These values can be filtered on as well.
  • Each supporter’s location (City, State, Zip) is displayed and is filterable
  • The first and last signup/action dates for each supporter let you see who is new to your organization!

This is just the start of the changes to provide more insights into your supporters in the dashboard. If you have feedback or ideas about what would be helpful for your team, let us know!

📋 Event creators can now export signups for a single timeslot

You can now export signups for an individual timeslot on the details page for that timeslot. Navigate into an event, and then select a time, and the button will appears above your list of attendees.

Other updates

  • To protect the privacy of event hosts and organizers, we no longer provide the host's phone number to attendees on their volunteer schedule or in automated communications. As always, event attendees can use "Contact the host" buttons or the reply-to function in registration and reminder emails, or the event’s group chat (where enabled) to get in touch with the organizer or other attendees.
  • Same Mobilize, new logo! Read about our new look on our blog

Week of 9/28

Organizers recruiting volunteer hosts can now specify a "training" event that mobilize will automatically suggest to supporters when they express interest in hosting an event. Over the past few weeks this has increased the number of people attending trainings by 75%. We will also soon automatically recruit for training events after a host makes an event, after they commit to host online, and in a few other spots. Learn more

👉 Event creators can now choose the events shown to supporters after they sign up for an event or online action

Hosts can now select up to 6 events to appear wherever events are suggested to supporters who signed up for that event (for example, in the dialog shown after signing up, the post-event feedback email). The suggested events can be private or public but must be something your organization promotes or owns. This is a great way to chain multiple events or actions together! Learn more


Week of 9/21

📮 Automatically send event recommendations to your supporters every week with the Automated Weekly Newsletter (beta)

A weekly personalized batch of event recommendations will be sent on Thursdays to all supporters affiliated with your organization. This feature is intended to increase shifts, help supporters find ways to get involved, and help your organization regularly engage supporters without the need for complex tools. Manage or customize the newsletter in your organization's settings page (requires Admin access).
Learn more about the automated weekly newsletter

🔃 Mobilize now automatically asks volunteer hosts to add shifts to their events

For event campaigns that allow multiple shifts and are scheduled to be active for at least one week, we will now display an automatic “repeat every week for a month” option to help encourage volunteer hosts to host events multiple times. Mobilize also now sends hosts an SMS nudge after they receive positive feedback about their event, asking them if they can host again. Learn more about volunteer host recruiting

Attendees can be automatically marked as Completed when they click through the “link to join” at in email reminders and the 30-mins-before SMS. This feature can be enabled in your organization’s Settings page (requires admin access)

For virtual events with a ‘link to join’ or a Zoom meeting/webinar link, an additional reminder with the link to join will be sent 30 minutes before the event. If automated check-in is enabled in your dashboard settings, supporters will be marked as completed when they click this link. Learn more about notifications


Week of 9/14

🙋🏽‍♀️ Empower your volunteer leaders to host events for your organizations with new “event campaigns”

The “Distributed Organizing” area of your Mobilize dashboard has been renamed “Event campaigns”. We’ve also made major improvements the volunteer host experience, added the ability to create non-discoverable campaigns, and added features to automate host recruitment of volunteer leaders! Event campaigns and volunteer hosting features are now available to all partners at no additional cost.

Learn more about event Campaigns and how Mobilize can automatically recruit new volunteer leaders for your organization

⚙️ Event creators can now customize or turn off automated communications

We’ve added additional controls to let you fine-tune your supporters’ experience. The following automated communications can now be toggled on/off for each event, including the day-before attendance confirmations and five-days-later follow-up messages. You can also add a custom message (300 character limit) to your confirmation and post-event communications. This is a helpful way to share additional events for supporters to sign up for, personalized communications, or any other helpful information! Learn more

📚 “How to prepare” text can now be pre-filled for volunteer hosts

You can now set the default “How to prepare” message for supporter-hosted events in an event campaign, to help volunteer hosts provide consistent instructions for their attendees!

Now, volunteer hosts can provide a link to join when submitting an event (for example, a link to a Zoom meeting or Google Meet), and we’ll make these links stand out in automated email and SMS reminders before the event. If automated check-in is enabled in your dashboard settings, supporters will be marked as completed when they click this link.

✅ New event types: Letter Writing and Automated Phone Bank

New "Letter writing" and "Automated phone bank" event types can be selected when creating a new event. If your organization uses our VAN integration, you may need to ask a dashboard admin to map these new types in your VAN Settings first!


Week of 9/7

✏️ Create petitions to gather signatures and support causes on Mobilize

Alongside Online Actions, Petitions are a great way to engage your supporters in low-lift asks that are more digitally based. Petitions allow you to collect signup information while sharing out your signature goal with your audience! Read more about petitions

🏋🏽‍♀️ New online actions let you create low-lift online opportunities for your supporters

Online actions have been expanded to include new “Action setting” options, letting you engage your supporters in new types of actions, including pledges, intake forms, and call and email campaigns. Learn more about online actions


Week of 8/31

🎦 Automatically register attendees for Zoom meetings with our new Zoom integration

The new Zoom integration automatically adds Mobilize event attendees to linked Zoom meetings and webinars, and if the meeting requires registration it automatically sends those supporters their own personalized Zoom join links. Read more


Week of 8/24

📊 Stats pages now display how many shifts are coming from friend referrals, promotions, and event suggestions

We have recently made a few additions to our Stats page, in the Sources Tab. You can now easily view how many of your supporters come from: bring-a-friend asks, automated event suggestions, and promoters. Is there any other information you would like to see in the Stats tab? Let us know!

📮 Admins will be prompted to email potential and past volunteer hosts when a new Event Campaign is created

This feature is intended to help make supporters who have committed to host aware of hosting opportunities, as well as help volunteers who have hosted in the past be aware of new hosting opportunities. Learn more about recruiting volunteer hosts

We've refreshed the look of all Mobilize emails to make them easier for supporters to read and scan! For virtual events, we'll highlight specific “join links”, including Zoom, hangouts, phone bank, text bank, or livestream links with a prominent "Join event" link that will always redirect to the latest link for the event. No more worrying about notifying attendees if you have to change the link at the last minute!


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