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Creating a group for an organization on Mobilize: a guide for volunteer hosts
Creating a group for an organization on Mobilize: a guide for volunteer hosts

Groups are a great way to raise your hand as a volunteer leader, and keep your supporters connected between events.

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๐Ÿ“‹ Overview

Groups on Mobilize allow you to create a group in support of an organization, so you and other supporters of that organization can stay connected between events.

Using our event creation and sharing tools, you can quickly create a group, invite group members, link events to your group, and use Mobilize's built-in messaging tools to stay connected with group members and coordinate future events.

Groups on Mobilize allow you to:

  • Repeatedly engage with the same group of supporters

  • Communicate with a group of supporters using Mobilize Messaging

  • Use group chat to open up communication channels between supporters

  • Easily curate events for the group, so that group members always know what events are relevant to them

๐Ÿ“ How to create a group

1. Find the host form

The form for hosting a group may be sent to you by an organization you volunteer for, or you can click the "Host an event" link shown at the top of an organization's Mobilize page header.

If the organization allows the creation of groups, you will see one or more links to "Create your group" under the heading "Choose something to host", as shown below:

2. Provide the basic information for your group

Add a title for your group to help supporters know what your group is about.

Add a description to your group that will be shown to people on the signup page. Use language that will motivate them to join. What is the importance of joining? What will they be doing?

Set the end date for your group to the date the group will end, or when it should no longer exist. This can be far in the future, if there is no explicit end date.

3. Specify the visibility for your group

If you don't want the group to appear on the organization's feed or in event suggestions, you can set the group's visibility to 'private'. People you send the link to will still be able to view the group page and join.

4. Add a location

Add a location to your group to indicate that the group is targeted to supporters in a particular location, so that it appears more prominently to supporters near that location. For example, if you were organizing a community group in Spokane, you could set the location to a Spokane, WA.

5. Provide contact and communication information

Optionally set contact information if you are not the person who should receive notifications related to this group, or be included on replies to supporters' confirmation emails

We recommend also providing a additional information. This will be included in the confirmation email that supporters will receive after they join the group, and is a great place to thank supporters personally for joining, or make a follow-up ask.

6. Configure Group Chat

Group chat allows allows group members and admins to message each other via email. Members can only see each otherโ€™s first names and last initials, and email addresses are anonymized.

7. Link events to your group

By default, Mobilize automatically links events to this group that you and your co-hosts create for the organization. You can turn off this setting at any time.

Additionally, you can link additional events for the organization that may not have been created by you or your co-hosts. You cannot link events from other organizations. You can always edit your group to add or remove additional linked events.

Any events you link to this group will show up in a carousel on the bottom of the group signup page.

8. Add any group co-hosts

Add any co-hosts who should be able to access the group, edit it, and view and download members.

9. Confirm your account details

If you are logged in already, confirm your name and account details. If not, you can log in using Facebook or Google, or provide your name and email address.

10. Submit your group and invite past attendees

Click or tap 'Submit' to publish your group. If the organization admins requires group approval, you will have to wait until they review approve your group for it to be public. You will receive an email when your group is approved, or if the organization needs more information.

After you submit your group for approval, you will have the option to invite your past attendees to join:

๐Ÿคฉ That's it: you've created a group on Mobilize! Now all that's left to do is to begin recruiting members for your group, and start planning any events that you can ask your group members to sign up for. Read our guide for volunteer hosts for some tips on getting started!

๐Ÿ’ฌ This is a new Mobilize feature, and as always we're looking for your ideas and feedback. Let us know what you think

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