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Get Started with Promotions
Get Started with Promotions

Instructions on how to use the Mobilize Promotions feature

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When you promote a partner, their events show up on your feed as if they were your own, and you can track and manage your supporters' signups to the event. This can be a great way to grow engagement with your list and mobilize your supporters on behalf of your closest partners. Learn more about what promotions are.

For Organizations that want to promote

How To Promote An Entire Organization

Promoting an organization shows their current and upcoming events on your feed. The signup page for the event is shown with your organization's branding. To promote an organization:

1. Navigate to Promote organizations tab.

2. Tap Promote for any organization you'd like to promote

How to Filter the Events you are Promoting

Once you are promoting organizations, you can filter the events you are promoting to a subset of the events by tag, location, event type, and more. Learn more about filtering here

How to Promote a Single Event

If you'd like to promote just a single event from an organization, you can go to that event and tap "Promote this Action". This will promote the event even if you aren't promoting the organization as a whole. Learn more about promoting a single event here

How To Stop Promoting a Specific Event

Whether you are promoting an event by promoting the entire organization, or because you had chosen to promote that individual event, you can stop promoting the event from the events tab.

1. Go to the Events tab

2. Go to the Promoted sub-tab
3. Tap under Actions and pick Hide from Feed

Announcements about new events

You will get a notification by email every time an organization you are promoting adds an event that will appear on your feed.

Organizations that want to be promoted

Turning on or off the ability to be promoted

Under your Dashboard settings you can check off “enable promotion by other organizations

Data on promotions

Now, if a volunteer signs up for your event through another organization’s Public Events feed, that information will populate into your Dashboard and be reflected in your VAN.

Seeing who Promoted You: Under the Promote Organizations tab, click the My Promotions tab to see which organizations are featuring your events on their Public Events Feed.

Supporters tab, if you click on a supporter, you can see if that person signed up from another organization in the Affiliation tab.

Stats Tab: There is now a section where you can track the number of shifts scheduled from each of the Affiliate Organizations across all your events they are promoting.

Mobilize Dashboard: Volunteer and shift totals will now include people signed up through any alternate events feeds that your event appears on. The event owning organization sees shift totals from them and from all organizations promoting them. Shift totals per event can also be seen by organizations promoting that event.

VAN: Shifts that are scheduled through another organizations MobilizeAmerica feed will appear in VAN the same way, as if they came from your account. Volunteer’s Activist Code, VAN Role and event status will all come from your settings.

*Both the promoting and promoted organization will have access to event data including event details and volunteer sign up.

Confirmation Email & SMS: The user will still receive a campaign branded email upon sign-up, a text and email the day before the event and a reminder email the day of the event.

Need help getting started?

Email [email protected] and we can answer any questions you have!

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