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How to Host Events on Zoom and Video Conferencing Platforms (for Admins)
How to Host Events on Zoom and Video Conferencing Platforms (for Admins)

Let's walk through how to set your supporters up for success and maximize the attendance for your organization's Zoom calls and webinars.

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Zoom, and other video conference tools like it, enables organizations and campaigns to work remotely. This guide will walk you through how to set up a Zoom account, install the Zoom client, and host a secure Zoom event on Mobilize.

Getting Started with Zoom

  1. Sign up for a Zoom account here.

  2. Download the Zoom client for your devices here.

  3. Once the client has finished installing, be sure to sign-in!

Now you're ready to host your events on Zoom. Continue reading to learn how to schedule a secure Zoom meeting!

How to Schedule a Meeting in Zoom

  1. Open your Zoom client.

  2. Select Schedule.

  3. Under Topic, enter the title of your meeting.

  4. Under Date, select the time your event will take place.

  5. Select "Generate Automatically" under Meeting ID.

  6. Require a Password that's not easy to guess.

  7. Optimal Video Setting for Meeting: On for Host; On for Participants Optimal Video Setting for Webinars: On for Host; Off for Participants

  8. In the Audio setting, you can choose whether to allow Participants to join by phone.

  9. In the Calendar setting, you can choose which Calendar you want the event to show up for you, the scheduler.

  10. Click on Advanced Options to expand it and make sure to enable the following options:

    1. Enable Waiting Room -- Participants will wait here until you begin the meeting.

    2. Mute Participants Upon Entry -- All participants will be muted when the meeting begins.

    3. Only Authenticated Users can join: Sign in to Zoom -- The most important setting that will deter Zoombombers intending to disrupt your event.

  11. Click on Schedule!

How to Create Mobilize Events for Secure Zoom Meetings

There are two main ways you can use Mobilize to help you get your Zoom links to your supporters -- securely.

  1. Create a one-time virtual event for a meeting that won't be happening regularly or a recurring virtual events and have separate links automatically sent out to registrants for specific timeslots!

  2. Schedule Times and add Zoom links! Volunteers will receive a confirmation email with a link to the Zoom session.

Confirmation messages will vary depending on your Settings and whether your attendees choose to opt in to SMS, but here's a general breakdown of what they might look like:

Note: If you change the Zoom meeting link, the "Join" link in the email and calendar invite will still work!

Meetings vs Webinars

Not sure about the difference between Meetings and Webinars? If you need them to mostly listen to what you have to say, then you'll want to host a Webinar. With Webinars, attendees aren't able to see each other and have limited chat functionality.

If you want your attendees to be able to talk to you or each other, then you'll want to host a Meeting. With this format, you'll be able to take advantage of Zoom's Breakout Rooms and assign volunteers to smaller side sessions.

Technical Checklist for Video and Sound Setup

Before your event begins, open your Zoom settings and do a quick check of video and audio settings.

  • Is your webcam clean of smudges? Do a quick check in the Video tab that your camera is capturing you the way you want to be seen.

  • In the Audio tab, check that your Speaker and Microphone are connected to the right sources.

Preventing Volunteer Dropoff

Misplaced Zoom links and finicky technology can lower your attendance count. Here are some things you can do to make sure your supporters are able to access your Zoom event:

  • A week before the event, use Mobilize Messaging to ask all Registered attendees if they have signed up for Zoom accounts with the same email they used to register for your event.

  • The day before the event, use Mobilize Messaging to send all Confirmed attendees the link to your scheduled Zoom meeting and emphasize that they'll need to be logged in to access your event.

  • On the day of your event, send the Zoom link again in case there have been last minute confirmations.

That's it! You're ready to Mobilize.

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