This article will run through the feature of the Distributed Organizing Settings page, this is where you can configure your Host an Event form, now in Dashboard.

To learn more about Distributed Organizing, see articles on Volunteer Created Events, Volunteer Dashboard, Approval Process, and Data and Distributed Organizing


Controlling access to your Host an Event form

By default, your Host an Event form will be displayed on your events feed to volunteers browsing your events. Set your form discoverability as Restricted to hide the “Host an event” button and event card.

Providing instructions for your hosts

Add instructions to the top of the Host an Event form to reiterate your organization's goals, set expectations, and provide guidance for filling out the form:

You can also add instructions to the automated email that hosts will receive when their event is approved. This is a great place to let hosts know what will happen next, and link to any hosting resources or training events using markdown.

Configuring available event types

Select one or more event types for your Distributed Organizing form. This will allow volunteers to access a drop down where they can choose the type of event they would like to create. If you only select one event type, all events created using your Host an Event form will default to this event type.

Restricting events to a specific date and time

Optionally define a specific date and time, or date range for events created using your Host an Event form. This can be used to help quality control host-created events around big attractions. Hosts will be unable to use your form to create events after your chosen date range has passed, so be sure to update your settings once your campaign has finished!

Sharing your Host an Event form on Social Media

Customize the image, title and description displayed when you share your Host an Event link. To learn more about this feature visit out Social Metadata article.

Pre-filling your Host an Event form

Use URL Params to pre-fill your Host an Event form with host information or a personalized event description when linking to your Host an Event form in host recruitment campaigns.

For example:!&[email protected]

Available URL parameters to use are: event_description, host_first_name, host_last_name, host_phone, and host_email


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