How do I become an Admin?

Admins can be added by Mobilize staff when a new dashboard is created. Subsequent dashboard Admins must be added by existing Admins or the organization's Customer Success Manager.

What can I do if I can't access a dashboard?

If you haven't received a Magic Link, please contact Support. Magic Link not working? Read more about the possible cause in this article.

How do I add another user to my dashboard?

If you are an Admin, you can add additional Admins, Organizers, Trusted Hosts, and Hosts, in the Users tab found on your Dashboard.

The User Add/Invite field can be found at the bottom of the Users page.

How do I create an event?

Once you are in your dashboard, it's time to start Mobilizing! Between our four different event features, you can host text banks, organize resource drops, and get folks civically engaged.

How do I change the primary host of an event?

In order to change the owner, or primary host, of an event, click the downtick corresponding to the event on your dashboard and select Change primary host. Then select the new primary host. If you would like someone to be a host, but they are not yet in your Users dashboard, you must add them as a user before adding them as a host.

How do I mark an event as Highest Priority?

Pin an event to your feed to make it a High Priority event. The limit is 5.

How do I restore a deleted event?

Visit the Deleted tab on your Events list to find deleted events. Click into the event and then click 'Restore event' to re-publish the event. If the event is public, it will appear on your feed within a few moments.

How often does Mobilize sync with VAN?

Data is synced from Mobilize to VAN whenever there is an update to an event, when someone signs up for your event, or when a signup status is updated (for example if an attendee checks into the event). Changes are typically reflected in VAN within a few moments (may be longer during high-traffic periods).

When signup statuses are updated in VAN, those statuses are synced to Mobilize overnight (between 12 and 1am E.T.) for any events taking place in the next calendar day or in the previous 3 calendar days.

For more information, see our Guide to the Mobilize VAN integration

Why haven't I received my Export?

Every time you request an export, you will receive the most updated information. This query can take a few minutes. If after 1 hour, you still have not received your request export in your inbox, please contact Support.

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