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Create a fundraising event to collect donations when a supporter RSVPs
Create a fundraising event to collect donations when a supporter RSVPs

Collect a contribution as part of an event RSVP with the Mobilize + EveryAction fundraising integration. Can be used for ticketed events.

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This article is part of our Guide to Fundraising on Mobilize with EveryAction

After you (or an Admin in your organization) create an Online Contribution form in EveryAction and link your EveryAction Contribution forms to Mobilize, you're ready to start creating fundraising events and actions!

1. Create a new event

From your dashboard, the events list, click the "New event" button to get started, then choose "Fundraising event" from the options presented.

2. Provide basic information to help supporters discover your event

Add a title and optional tags for your fundraising campaign to help supporters know what your campaign is about, and why they should contribute.

Select an appropriate event type to help supporters discover the event. Event types also help you categorize the event for reporting.

If you don't want the campaign to appear on your organization's feed or in event suggestions, you can set the campaign's visibility to 'private'. Supporters you send the link to will still be able to view the campaign page and contribute.

3. Add a description and instructions on how to prepare

Add a description to your event that will be shown to supporters on the event signup page. Use language that will motivate them to donate and sign up: What is the importance of their contribution? What will the funds be used for? What is the nature of the event?

We recommend also providing information on how to prepare. This will be included in the confirmation email that supporters will receive after they sign up, and is a great place to thank supporters, provide information on what to bring and how to join the event, or make a follow-up ask.

Upload a compelling photo (1200x630px) to help the event stand out on social media and in event feeds (for public events).

4. Event location (both virtual & in-person)

Indicate whether your event is in person or virtual by toggling between the 'type' options shown under the Location heading.

For an in-person event, add the location of the venue where the event will be held. If the location is still TBC, you can enter "TBC" as the venue name, while still indicating the venue's city, state, and ZIP.

For a virtual event, you will have the option to add a location so that the event appears more prominently to supporters near that location. For example, if your event is happening on Zoom but is relevant to supporters in Kalamazoo, you would set "Kalamazoo, MI, 49001" as your event's location.

Make sure to also provide accessibility information for your event to ensure supporters can attend comfortably and know what to expect. Learn more

5. Provide contact information and add any co-hosts

Optionally set contact information if you are not the person who should receive notifications related to this event, or be included on replies to supporters' confirmation emails.

Add any co-hosts who should be able to edit the event and view and download signups. Learn more about co-hosting

6. Select an EveryAction contribution form

Choose the EveryAction contribution form that should be used to collect contributions for this fundraising campaign. Learn more about configuring EveryAction contribution forms and linking them to your Mobilize account.

If donations are suggested but not required, you can toggle the Donations required switch to off, and Mobilize will add a 'Continue without donating' link on the signup page, to allow supporters to sign up without donating.

7. Configure Supporter Count and Goal settings

By default, Mobilize shows the total amount raised and a progress bar that automatically increases as more supporters donate and sign up for your event.

If you'd prefer that Mobilize doesn't display an auto-incrementing fundraising goal, you can choose to hide the contribution goal or set your own custom goal. You can also toggle off "show current donation total" to hide the progress bar entirely.

8. Configure nudges and communications

By default, Mobilize will prompt supporters who sign up to share the event with a friend, or ask them to sign up for further events and actions. These prompts may appear on the page immediately after a supporter signs up, in the automated confirmation email and SMS Mobilize sends to supporters, in the automated post-shift survey email and SMS, or in the automated five-days-later follow-up email.

Mobilize also sends automated reminders and confirmation messages to provide joining instructions and reduce flake rate, as well as a follow-up survey to capture attendance and feedback.

You can customize certain messages, configure the events suggested, or turn off nudges that are not relevant using the 'customize' links and by toggling the switches in the Communications section. Learn more about automated communications.

9. Add dates, times, and a virtual join link (Schedule)

Finally, in the schedule section, click 'Add times' to set the time(s) for your event. You can add just just one date & time, or multiple times for an event that is happening weekly, monthly, or on a custom schedule.

Use the 'Add video call information' link to provide a link to join the event if the event is happening virtually, or if it will be in-person but with the option for supporters to join virtually or livestream the content.

💡 Tip: Use our Zoom integration to have attendees pre-registered in Zoom for your virtual events when they sign up!

10. Publish your event!

Hit 'Submit' to publish your fundraising campaign! If you marked your campaign as public, the campaign will appear on your feed, on Mobilize.Us, and on any of your promoting partners' feeds in a few moments.

You'll also receive notifications when supporters donate to the campaign, and a summary when the campaign ends!

💬 This is a new Mobilize feature, and as always we're looking for your ideas and feedback. Let us know what you think

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